Editor's Choice #2 - Independent X4Labs System Review

Our team of experts and enthusiasts help you in achieving goals like: having a longer and wider penis, enhanced sexual confidence and an amazing lover in bed. We are lucky to have this responsibility and happy to be a reliable choice for our users.

Imagine Standing Fully Naked And Looking At Yourself In A Full Length Mirror - Are You Happy With What You See? Would You Prefer A Few Extra Inches So You Hang Lower, Fatter And Fuller? Read On To Find Out How X4Labs System Can Help Make Your Dream Come True!

A guy with a small penis has to face many problems in life. Loss of interest in sex, lack of sexual desire, difficulty to achieve orgasms can badly affect a relationship. A tiny penis is also inadequate for experiencing a satisfying sexual encounter. With time, all these problems can become out of control and result in relationship trouble. 

What Benefits Can You Achieve With X4Labs System?

Bigger And Longer Penis Permanently
Now, who said that penis cannot become bigger or longer? Prove them all wrong with the X4 Labs System. This medically approved device is one of the safest products in the male enhancement market you can count on, to get penis enlarged by length as well as circumference. Our own research revealed that users achieved a penis gain of 2 to 3 inches permanently. 

Increase Confidence And Self-Esteem
Those who are suffering from small penis are more prone to low self-esteem and confidence. Men with small penis are more likely to feel insecure, ashamed and embarrass in the changing room, in the gym or during sexual intercourse.  Don't despair because they is a permanent solution. X4Labs System will help boost your confidence with a bigger penis .

No More Issues Of Premature Ejaculation
Worried about premature ejaculation affecting your ability to last longer in bed? Not anymore! Learn proven exercise methods from the Penis Access that is included in the X4Labs to take control of your ejaculation. Last longer and give her the best sex. You no longer have to worry that you can't fulfill her sexual desire.

Double Sex Drive And Stamina
It is always your responsibility to respect her desires and fulfill them. After all, when she can give that satisfaction she deserves the same from you if not more. What more can you ask than giving her the best ever bliss in sex? Or giving an experience more than she ever dreamt of? Or lasting much longer than she ever wanted? Nothing! Right?

Rock-Like Hard And Strong Erections
Ever had your penis erected like a rock solid? You would definitely experience such with every erection.

No More Discomfort Due To Penile Curvature
X4 Labs device has an envious medical pedigree, and it' touted as an alternative therapy to straighten the penis distortions by almost 70 per cent. So, neither you nor your partner will feel the discomfort caused by curved penis.

Finally A Solution That Will Change Your Sex Life Forever

X4Labs System is our editor's choice for the #2 penis enlargement system on the market. X4Labs System provides the most effective ways to increase penis gain and sexual wellbeings in the shortest possible time by combining various penis enlargement methods. The X4Labs System is made up of the following:

Clinically Proven X4Labs Device
X4 Labs extender is one of the first medically certified enhancement device to offer support to penis. The medical-grade materials and standards used by X4 Labs results in great products ensuring safety.

Furthermore, majority of the products made by X4 Labs are cost effective and high quality. Noteworthy is that X4 Labs is a medical device manufacturing company and they are a team of professionals offering practical solution to the small penis problem.

X4 Labs device are approved by doctors and the traction device does come with manufacturers' guarantee as well. The device and exercises when done without fail for 6 months will permanently put your sex life back on track. In fact, urologists have been recommending the traction device to correct Peyronie' disease as well as for a few post surgical modalities. The extender came out after so much of research put into it by medical professionals and clinically studying its effects.

Penis Access Exercise Program
Buying an X4 Labs System will entitle you to access the website PenisAccess for free. The access is for the entire lifetime and if you wonder what the website is all about, well it is a guide to enlighten about male enhancement and it will show you how a person with increased penis size can use it to attain sexual ecstasy with every intercourse. There are exercises from Penis Access exercise program to enlarge penis, and these when done with device worn will give maximum size increase in the shortest possible time.

What Is There In X4Labs System That Is So Impressive?

We receive regular feedback from our customers and following are the best reasons why anyone should reckon it as the best solution for penis enlargement:

Safe And Effective Device Giving Quick And Guaranteed Results
In fact, all the customers who have used the X4 Labs extender are satisfied with the results. It is because the product is a fruit of several years of research in the niche of male enhancement by medical professionals. The device with exercise can safely enlarge the penis without any side effects. Most importantly, the results are permanent. There are rave reviews about the system and how it helped to realize the enhancement goals. Our research revealed users reported average penis gain from 2 to 3 inches permanently, the highest amongst all the enlargement system we have reviewed. The other system with same result is SizeGenetics System.

The Device Is A Fruit Of Research By Medical Professionals
The X4 labs penis extender is a clinically tried and tested device. So, people who have enlargement objectives can rely on the product for results. The device is designed based on the medical traction principle. The extender is also used for correction of curvature problems and urologists recommend the device as a therapy modality for people suffering from Peyronie' disease, and the device is proven to give results of up to 70% correction of penis curvature.

Clinical trials proved that the device effectively enlarges penis by length and girth without any side effects. The materials used for manufacturing the device are medical grade having good bio compliance. Furthermore, the materials undergo several tests to meet the required safety standards.

Great Customer Support
The company is famous for excellent customer support service, aside a guaranteed product. People buying the product will have anytime access to the company website and there is online support as well as toll free call center numbers. X4 Labs assists its customers individually and answers all of their questions. Their customer support functions 24x7.

No Risk Guarantee
The guarantee offered by X4 Labs is a full refund without any questions asked to those customers who are satisfied of the results of the device within 6 months. The manufacturers are so sure of their product and its results that they are offering money-back offer for 6 months.

Value For Investment
X4 Labs device is indeed made from a proven principle using medical grade materials and it is no match to the cheap garage stuff. For every order placed, the company overwhelms you with free pack of goodies that include lifetime membership and access to PenisAccess website, a gift card worth $50 as well as a sex guide DVD for better erotic sex.

Latest Comfort Technology
The X4Labs device is one of the few devices that incorporates the 58 Way Comfort Strap. All these unique comfort mechanism allows the user to wear the device much longer and bring gains faster and larger results compared to cheaper, inferior devices. 

What Is There In X4Labs System That Is Not Impressive?

Long Duration Wearing Of Penis Extender
You must wear it 4 hours daily of 2 months to ensure finest results. Most people find it difficult to wear even when comfort straps are offered.

This product is a little expensive as compared to other penis extenders. This makes it hard for some people to buy it.

Our Editor's Conclusion

The research carried out by our team on various websites shows that clients using the X4Labs System are very satisfied with its performance and are feeling great while using it. It has helped them gain an increase of around two to three inches to the size of their penis. It has also been reported that the product provides excellent customer support. They offer numerous ways for clients to contact them. Even though it can never surpass the SizeGenetics System for penis enlargement, it still is amongst the best. If you are looking for one of the most effective and a system that is medically backed, we recommend X4Labs System. We want you to succeed and that is why we only give you our most valuable advice.

Overall, we give X4Labs System 4/5

You Will Achieve These BENEFITS With X4Labs

Increased Confidence Boosts Sexual Performance
Confidence can do anything, a slip to the south will make one under perform and shoot up of it will make a man perform like lion. It is also this confidence that naturally draws more women to a man. Many psychiatrists agree that confidence and performance in bed are directly proportional to one another.

Ah! Alas A Permanent Long Penis
To have a small penis means to endure a lot of social shame and embarrassment. It brings down a person' self esteem to a great extent and makes one a patient of clinical depression even. Longer penis arouse woman as she knows it is sure to take her to ecstasy because it can go deep into her vagina and explore the hitherto unexplored spots. Longer penis can thus give intense orgasms.

Vagina Full Of Thick Penis
A slim penis that slips into vagina easily cannot take woman to ecstasy. On the contrary, a thicker penis will make a woman excited and she feels it her vagina worth. Every insertion is so tight that they give her intense orgasms.

Control Ejaculation
The exercise will help one master the art of controlling ejaculation and a person can ejaculate at his will. This will thrill the partner.

Double Sex Drive And Stamina
Give your partner the complete satisfaction she deserves. Imagine lasting longer than she can handle and allowing her to experience the best sexual experience, every time for the rest of her life.

Erections Like Rods
Start experiencing erections like rod no matter what your current age is, and enjoy those teenage sexful performances again and again.

And Many More Benefits