Independent Editor's Choice #5 - Size Doctor Electric Penis Pump Review

Enhancement Average
Size Gain 1-2 inches
Speed Average
Comfort Average
Quality Average
Customer Support Average
Reputation Average
Product Guarantee 60 Days
Ease of Refund Average
Overall Rating 8.9


What Benefits Can You Achieve With Size Doctor Electric Penis Pump?

  • The product is no rocket science. It works with the idea of creating a vacuum by extracting the air from the covered area. As a result, cells divide to form a number of cells and cause an enlargement of penis. Growth of this penis will be more pronounced.

  • You will find powerful erection from electrically operated vacuum force of the device.

  • Everyday application of the penis pump helps in penile tissue oxygenation process. It raises the flow of blood and prevents cavernosal fibrosis formation. All these things will improve the erection quantity and quality. It will also increase penis girth size.

  • It is true that penis pump helps in gaining erection physically. However, it also enables men in overcoming lots of psychological issues, caused from Erectile Dysfunction. While they know that their penis is functioning in a normal way, it will surely cause a positive effect on the mental fitness.

What Are The Pros And Cons?

Pros of using the pump:

  • The product has some of the best customer reviews: Customers who have used the product are really happy about how the results have turned out. They have experienced an enlargement in their penis sizes. Many of them have got over their inferior complexities faced due to small penis sizes in the past.

  • It is better compared to a manual penis pump: A manual pump takes time to give an erection. The electric pump does it faster and better. It has also been said by some customers that an erection caused by an electric pump can last longer than an erection caused by a manual pump.

  • It is easy to use and pocket friendly: The products are life savers. However, they come at a very reasonable price. You donít need to think twice before trying it out. Size Doctor Electric Penis pumps are delivered for free. So, no delivery charges as well.

Cons of using the pump:

  • It can be a bit painful at times: Though you would not be able to witness it with naked eyes, it gives you a bit of painful sensation. However, it can be reduced if you know exactly when to stop creating the vacuum.

  • The electric pumps are known to make a bit of noise when they are used: When you switch on the pump, it is a bit loud and can be a bit uncomfortable for you and your partner.

  • Overuse can damage the blood cells in the penis: If you keep using the penis pump more that required, it might give you some permanent injuries. As you know, the pump causes in a rupture of cells to multiply them, you canít afford to overdo it. You can talk to your physician once before you start using the pump.

  • Petechiae. Overuse may cause bleeding and it will result in pinpoints. The pinpoints are some types of dots, found beneath your skin.

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