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A small penis can have many sex-related problems for men. One is unable to achieve an orgasm, interest in sex decreases, erectile dysfunction and many more. All this can ultimately lead to a troubling relationship with non-existent sex. This can be depressing for men. 

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Product name Size
Average gain 2 - 3 Inches 1 - 3 Inches
Comfort mechanism Very Good Not Applicable
Multi angle approach Yes No
Side effects No
Clinically backed Yes
Company reputation Outstanding Excellent Poor
Support Outstanding Excellent Good


Guarantee 6 Months
Bonuses Yes No
Editors Review Read Read Read Read Read
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SizeGenetics System 

From the feedback we received, it's clear that the SizeGenetics device gives significant results to the users. The device is medically backed and you do not have to worry about its safety. A lot of users have successfully added 2 to 3 permanent inches to their penis using this program. Customer support is outstanding and the company reputation is outstanding. 

Overall, SizeGenetics is the best product and worth trying. With its efficacy and reliability, SizeGenetics stands top penis enlargement system amongst all. Well, you may need to spend a bit more for this program, but the results make this product worth having. It's a outstanding product and truly helpful for men trying hard to add few more inches to their penis. 

X4Labs System

X4Labs system comes in a combination of medically approved device and the online exercise guide. This helpful and flexible feature makes this product stand apart from those regular penile enhancement programs.

We got many feedbacks from our users and majority of them have even reported 2 to 3 inches gain and that too permanent. Customer support is unbiased and the company reputation is also great. Well, if in case this product runs out of stock, we would suggest you to use SizeGenetics System, which can be a perfect match for this. 

ProExtender System

In our research, most of the users reported an average gain of around 1 to 3 permanent inches. The reputation of company is good. Customer handling department provides good service. Overall, if the top two penis enlargements systems are out of stock, this can provide you with the best alternative with desired results. 

Vimax System

We have already received several feedback emails from the actual users, who have successfully added 1 to 3 inches to their penis. 

Some of the users have also managed to improve the girth to the good levels. You need to follow their instruction properly in order to see desired results. Overall this penile enlargement system is alright for average user but we would still recommend you using the X4 Labs and SizeGenetics.

Ultimate Stretcher

It looks like their idea of combining the penis exercise program and the extender into a single pack has worked quite well. In our research and from the feedback we got from several customers, it is clear that this program does works and many of the users have gained 1 to 3 inches permanently. 

However, the Ultimate Stretcher is quite uncomfortable for users, so we would like to suggest you something more comfortable. After all, you need an extender, which is comfortable, and you could easily wear it for longer time spans. We suggest you to try X4 Labs and SizeGenetics for great comfort and desired results. 

What To Look For In Devices

Not all penis enlargement products that are sold in the market are genuine or trustworthy. So, how do you actually determine the credibility of such products? The best way would be by looking at the medical accreditations attached to the product. A genuine penis device will be clinically tested for its effectiveness and efficiency before it is introduced into the market. 

Look for products that come with CE stamp and are registered as Type 2 devices. When you browse through websites of such products, you might come across such medical terms with a brief description on the product features and benefits. 

Looking For Value Added Benefits In Devices

Additional Benefits From Companies

You might not want to miss the additional benefits given out by companies, who manufacture or sell these devices. Some of the additional benefits might include:

  • Free CD or DVD showcasing different penis exercises

  • Free supplements of penis pills

  • Memberships in VIP or special forums 

  • Additional accessories that can be used along with the penis devices

Continuous use of these devices can lead to better length and girth. Many women prefer penis width to length as a fuller penis can help in stimulating their vaginal walls leading to better clitoris and G-spot stimulation. Results tend to be slow with the use of these devices, but are extremely safe to use without any side effects.