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Penis Pump Reviews - Buying Guide

For males maintaining their sexual health is really important and helps them in two ways. Firstly, it is necessary for overall wellness and secondly, good sexual health helps to define their masculinity which builds confidence and keeps them youthful.

During the last few years it has been noted that men aged between 40 to 50 years old are exposed to different types of marketing for the penis enlargement pills, sexual health supplements and even erectile dysfunction as well. But it is extremely tough to know the right product and whether it is really necessary for sexual health or not. In this regard, a notable product which is gaining attention for men is the penis enlargement pump respectively.

Best Penis Pumps Exposed

Current positions #1 #2 #3 #4 #5
Product name Hydromax Xtreme-Series Penomet Bathmate X4Labs Penis Pump Size Doctor Electric
Product quality 5/5 4/5 3/5 1/5
Size Gain 2-4 inches 2-3 inches 1-2 inches
Enhancement Significant Much Improved
Comfort Very Good Good Average
Company reputation Outstanding Excellent Average Poor
Support Outstanding Excellent Average Poor
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Male Pumps - Are they really effective?

If you have doubts about male enlargement pump, then you are not only one in the society. Numerous men are unaware about penis pumps and have only heard about them either in movies or the jokes. Before you come to a conclusion that pumps are funny and sexy toys, you need to educate yourself about how they are designed and how they need to be used as well.

The penis enlargement pumps are designed in such a way that they enable males to have longer, stronger and bigger erections. They are created out of a main cylindrical chamber which easily fits over the penis having a seal at the base which results in a vacuum. Men can either use air or water to apply pressure to the chamber which leads to the enlargement of the penis.

A penis pump needs to be used for ten to twenty minutes and this depends on the version of the pump as well. The increase of the penis is temporary and will last for few hours, though some of the manufacturers claim that long term usage of a penis pump leads to permanent increase in the size of the penis.

Thus, only way to decide which of the penis pumps really works is read the online reviews about them. Compare the reviews of the top pump models from different manufacturers to buy the right product respectively.


#1 - Hydromax X-Series

Hydromax X-Series is a premium penis enhancement device which is used by a large number of people from all over the globe. This tool can be used in the shower, bed or bath. You can utilize this device according to your interest and needs. Hydromax X-Series provides you an opportunity to enlarge the size of your penis. This device works on the principle of Bellow Pump System with an inbuilt new soft sealing. This feature makes the penis pump competent and easy to use.

You will sense the relatively low pressure in some area of your testicles and penis base and at the same time, quick gains. The penis pump has the ability to revolve around 360-degree. When you are in the shower, you can easily see the behavior of your penis in the pump cylinder. The performance and quality of this product are mind blowing, hence it gained the highest client satisfaction ratings in comparison with the other penis pumps available in the market.

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#2 - Penomet

The Penomet has the ability to deal with the erectile dysfunction and male organ enlargement needs. It gives an easy and innovative solution to these issues. This device is excellent and equipped with a transparent cylinder which can easily track the penile physical changes. Although it is called a sophisticated pump, the pump is very easy to use and it is unfeasible to misuse this device. When the penis starts pumping, the result will be noticed in less than a week.

This pump also has a gaiter system by which you can slowly increase the pressure. The penomet gives you safety credentials as well as excellent satisfaction. It is a trademark of superiority which is prepared according to the European Union Manufacturing Standards. It requires the water pump to be tested carefully for two years before it is available in the market. The cylinder is prepared from a nearly indestructible plastic and its gaiters are produced with medical grade silicon.

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#3 - Bathmate

Bathmate is another type of hydro pump prepared to have an positive effect on the size of the penis and erection quality. The Bathmate enlarges the total size of the penis while other penis pumps enlarge size only by developing the foreskin. It can be used in the shower. It exerts pressure consistently, so it is very safe and you can easily make use of it.

There are two types of Bathmate available such as Goliath and Hercules. The Hercules fits properly to most men. As the name of the Goliath indicates, it is much bigger in the width and length. Its weight is also more than the Hercules. This hydro pump has a pressure gauge which shows the level of pressure from 90mm to 200 mm. You can avail the Bathmate in a variety of colors like blue, red, pink, clear etc. If you want you can order a separate cleaning kit for proper maintenance of the device.

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#4 - X4 Pumps

X4 labs created an X4 air vacuum pump that is safe for daily use. It is also known as a medical-grade pump. This pump is available at affordable price and inbuilt with an external pressure meter. This pump is specially prepared for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. It consists of a soft TPE ring with a flexible hose.

It prevents the injury of the penis and testicles with the help of quick release valve. The size of the cylinder is eight inches and it is very clear. This vacuum pump has the ability to fits various penis sizes. One drawback of this pump is that its thin rubber seal can’t stand prolonged use and therefore you might have to use the upgraded seal over a small period.

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#5 - Size Doctor Electric

The Size Doctor Electric pump contains a penile tube in vacuum cylinder and its size is 2” by 8”. This electronic penis pump works with the help of a battery and has an inbuilt AA size battery. It contains a deluxe pouch and is gifted with 3 tension rings. When the penis pump stimulates the penis, it creates harder and longer erections. The system is simple, compact and safe to use. Anyone can make use of this electric penis pump to enlarge the size of the penis.

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