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Sure, most men would like to pick up a woman and then take her home and have sex with her. Other men would like to pick up a woman they could have some sort of meaningful relationship with.

Still others would like to be able to pick up a woman for any reason at all. Why does picking up women have to be so difficult?

While it may seem that the female species is so complicated and different from the male species that it is amazing that they ever hook up, picking up women is not always as difficult as you might think.

There are things you can do to increase your odds of being able to pick up attractive, interesting women. Approaching a group of girls can make even the most confident man feel a bit queasy.

Girls usually travel in groups when out on the town and getting the attention of one girl in a crowd can be tough. The best choice is to approach a group that contains one or two girls that you like. Go up to them, smile pleasantly, start up with some intelligent small talk.

Ask questions that require more than a yes or no answer. Flirt lightly with all of the girls so that they start feeling like they need to compete for your attention. Act confident, even if you don't feel confident. Women are drawn to men who appear to look like they know what they are doing.

Use your charm and intelligence to start singling out the girl you like so that you can get her away from her friends and get to know her a bit better. Ask her to dance, offer to buy her a drink or walk her across the crowded club to the restroom.

Another good pick up tip is to touch a girl. This is not groping a girl, this less obvious. For instance, if her hair falls into her eyes, use your finger to gently sweep it back and run your finger lightly down the side of her neck.

You can touch her on the wrist, the arm, etc. Try anything to make her aware of you, and start feeling comfortable with your touch.

When you touch a woman in these non-sexual ways, it often makes her want to see what your more sexual touching might be like. Use these opportunities to pay her a nice, genuine compliment while you are doing it.

Last of all, persistence pays off. You don't want to become a stalker or anything, but men who are successful at picking up women say that you need to talk to her for a full two minutes before you walk away in defeat.

Two minutes may not seem like much, but it is amazing what can happen to a woman's attitude in two minutes. She may not warm up to you at the beginning, but after two minutes you might just have captured her attention and interest.

Picking up women is all about being confident, mastering the art of interesting small talk and being able to make a woman feel like she might want to get to know you better.

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