Causes For Curved Penis And The Solution

Peyronie’s disease is a disorder or a plague building up inside the penis. This would ultimately result in curved penis which is a very scarring and causes the sex organ to loose its flexibility. It could be very painful as well. Although it is noncancerous it can still create lots of worries in your sex life.

There are many causes for this disease and also few symptoms through which you can diagnose the problem. 


This disease has many causes which ultimately contribute to a curved penis although it still remains a mystery in the medical community. The recent researches and studies have pointed out that the disease is primarily cause by a wound, injury or even a trauma to the sex organ. In many such cases internal bleeding might eventually lead to the disease.

There are chances that the internal bleeding may have not completely cured and might lead to a severe problem after many years. The worst thing about this disease is that it develops very slowly over a period of 7-10 years time and difficult to diagnose.

In some cases it is possible that a scar is caused during erection and this might lead the penis to bend towards the scar while erecting. Some researchers even say that the diabetic disorder which often affects the circulatory system of a man can lead to this disease.


Every third person out of hundred is suffering from this disease of curved penis. Once you develop this disease then your sex life would become a real disaster as the time goes on. Every time your penis gets erected you’ll feel uncomfortable pain in the sex organ making it very difficult to have sex. With this much there is no way you can enjoy your sexual intercourse.

This might also lead to dissatisfaction in the sexual intercourse between the partners and gives no pleasure to either of you. This would obviously lead to low sex drive and might even lead to break ups. One of the worst effects of this disease is that you’ll loose confidence on your sexual abilities as you can’t satisfy your partner with a curved penis.


Although this disease is very difficult to diagnose there are few symptoms with which you can know whether you really have it. Some of the common symptoms that you’ll come across while suffering from peyronie’s disease are:

  • When the penis is in erectile position you can see it form an arc

  • Narrowing of the penile diameter when the penis gets erected

  • Persistent pain while having sexual intercourse making it virtually impossible act

  • You can notice a thick tissue of a hard texture in the penile region when erect

These are just some of the most common symptoms that are noticed with the people suffering from this disease. There could be more. As the researchers find more symptoms we’ll get to know how exactly we can be sure about being suffering from the disease.

Although this is a very unique disorder don’t be of the wrong conclusion that it is incurable. Neither it is life threatening nor allow you to enjoy your sex life. You need to get off your back as soon as possible else the going will get very difficult.

There are various ways in which this disease can be treated but it is not free from the side effects and pain. The procedure involves lots of painful methods and is really dangerous to the sex organ. Some of the methods could loose the natural ability of the penis to erect. The following are of the ways in which you can treat the disorder:


A curved penis can be treated through a painful surgery. In this process the plague will be removed from the penis and skin is patched with a graft material i.e. animal organs. Although it can provide results it would rule the chances of further penis erection. Even though you come out of your pain it’ll give you more paid of not able to erect the sex organ.

Prosthetic implant:

This is perhaps the most painful method used to correct your penis curve. The prosthetic implant is put into your penis that includes placement of an inflatable hollow or silastic cylinder (semi rigid) in to the corpora cavernosa of the sex organ. This process would ultimately leads to a straight penis but the pain is really avoidable.

Radiation therapy: 

This is one of the commonly used methods to set right the curved penis. However it has its negative effect to. If your penis is constantly exposed to radiation then it could get affected and might result in lesser penis erection in the long run and is highly unsafe.

Although some of these procedures / methods do ultimately produce results the negative effects can’t be ignored. What’s the use of solving this disease if it affects the erection itself? You don’t have to make such a big sacrifice to get your problem fixed. The solution should be in such a way that it renews your sex life for the rest of the life by removing the pain in your penis.

Any procedure / method that will produce results in that way is definitely useful and worth trying. By finding treatment to the curved penis you can surely get a new lease of sex life and have the sexual intercourse more freely with lots of pleasure which is unlikely if the pain persists. One of the most useful methods that has proved to be worth trying is the penis enlargement device.

This device can come handy as a solution for this problem as it helps the penis in straightening. By using the device you can make the penis straight and remove that scar in the sex organ. Constant use of this device would result in a straighter and stronger penis. Now you can finally say good bye to your curved penis with the help of the penis enlargement device.

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It is an honour to have you here. You are most welcome to visit anytime again in the future.

Feel free to share this article if you like it! Thanks.

Have some sex tips of your own? Share your hot, juicy secrets with us below in the comment section...

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It is an honour to have you here. You are most welcome to visit anytime again in the future.