How To Identify The Wrong Dating Signals

Detecting and identifying dating signals of attraction are among the clear ways to understand whether to make the next move to your date or to just keep dating. It also gives you a clear picture whether you should remain friends with your date till things start working the right way. If the dating signals are used healthily then they could be a brilliant way of a very satisfying and worthwhile relationship.

According to psychological research, there are basically three main classes of clues that you can look for while dating and be convinced with the dating signals. These are facial expression, posture of a person and the ways a person is using his hands.

1) Facial Expression:

• Maintaining eye contact is very important while you are on a date. Men who look away avoiding eye contact with the opposite sex are supposed to be weak. You may also notice how a person is smiling at you. A smile lifts the facial muscles and causes sparkles in our eyes.

• If the person is passing the correct dating signals then the happiness of his smile will actually make you feel happy. This would help in a budding relationship to develop. However, beware of the fake smile as it never reaches the eyes. It means that the person is not honest.

2) Posture:

• There's a lot that one can understand about the wrong dating signals through the posture and body movements of a person. If someone is attracted to you then they might try leaning towards you with the top half of their body while talking. They might also shift themselves but still maintain a relatively small distance between the two of you as you move. This is a good way to test as you can respond very discreetly.

• You may also predict the dating signals and understand how a person feels about you by the way they use their knees and feet. If they keep their knees or feet pointing towards you even when they have to swivel their top half of the body to talk to someone else for a minute, it means you are on the right path. However, if a person kicks or taps their foot while talking to you, it means they are being impatient and are not interested to continue dating. Crossing their arms over their chest also indicates wrong dating signals and you are wasting your time!

3) Hands:

• There's a lot a person can do with their hands to let us know that they are interested with the least of all is to touch us! A touch is not accidental; rather it is incidental which means a touch happens on purpose.

• Touching themselves could be due to many reasons like they are “grooming” themselves when they run their fingers through their hairs. This is also done to draw your attention towards them. Women might caress their collar bone or run their fingers through their hair to sweep it behind their ears also pass on the perfect signal to men.

It is also necessary to keep in mind if a person is using physical attraction to communicate the interest, it means that they are only doing it for the sake of having fun and may not go for a serious relationship.

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