How Can The Insecurities Ruin Dating Relationship

Insecurities can be at the root of all dating relationships issues. It is part of the human experience. It can lead to the disintegration of the entire relationship. There are a whole lot of ways to overcome your relationship issues that bother you and your loved one. You'll need to work together.

In a relationship, you have no choice but to accept your own securities as well as your partner's. But these insecurities should not affect your relationship negatively in any way.


Communication is an integral part of a dating relationship. It is a sign of insecurity if you are not able to communicate with your loved one. Both of you need to be as honest as possible with each other. If either of you is aggressive or refuses to bring up issues, then your relationship will lead to no where. So be open about your thoughts and concerns.

Overcoming jealousies:

One of the biggest signs of insecurities is jealousy in a dating relationship. If either you or your partner is jealous, you need to work out a solution by talking about your fears and concerns .You may fear losing your loved one to another attractive person. All this stems from an apparent lack of trust.

Jealousy is a trait that is destructive to both you and your partner. If you are going to always doubt the motives of your partner, get mad and upset with them, it will most certainly ruin your dating relationship .Stop controlling your partner due to your own insecurities.

One way of overcoming jealousy in your partner is to keep him or her always informed.

Past History:

Your partner's previous relationships may make you feel insecure. You may fear that your loved one may go back to his or her ex-love. What triggers you to think like this? Discuss your fear openly with your partner.

A history of your own unsuccessful relationships can also lead to insecure feeling.

Raise your self esteem:

Having a low self esteem of yourself can lead to insecure feeling in a dating relationship. There are many ways where you can increase your confidence level and thereby your self esteem.

Do things that you and your loved one enjoy. Have fun without any inhibitions. Enjoy each day to the fullest. Pamper yourself and indulge in your favorite hobby. Theses activities will eventually raise your self esteem and lower your insecurities.

When it comes to dating relationships, people tend to surround themselves with persons of their own caliber and similar self esteem. Try to avoid arguments and a dominating behavior. Some of the traits associated with a high self esteem is rationality, optimism, admitting to mistakes and a calm and relaxed attitude.

Hence overcoming your low self esteem is very important in a dating relationship.

Finally insecurity is something very common in a dating relationship. Both the man and woman should learn to overcome their insecurities by addressing their concerns to each other. Insecurities should not be deterrent in the progress of their relationship. Trying to get over your worries and concerns is the best option in the long run.

So it is up to you to establish a lasting dating relationship and banish insecurities forever.

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