3 Dating Mistakes Why A Man Fail In Getting Her To Say Yes

Dating is quite similar to an interesting chess game. You can win a girls heart, by doing simple things that will attract her towards you. Many men usually end up doing wrong things, which will not only embarrass them, but will create a wrong impression about them.

Here are the three most common dating pitfalls that has to be avoided and enjoy a perfect date –

Avoid barraging her with questions

You meet a girl for the first time, and it's quite common that you both ask questions, so as to know about each other. Guys don't go and on with your questions, as if you are interviewing a candidate. Don't make her feel as if she is being interrogated for some criminal act.

Take care of the following things –

  • Don't merely ask questions rather allow also to as some
  • Begin slow, as she might be nervous as you are
  • Guys don't ask her for a sex date, not at least on the first meet
  • Let her talk about herself, rather than you talking a lot about yourself
  • Be a good listener and take interest in whatever she is saying
  • Do not interrupt, as it's a bad manners. Wait until she finishes then you can ask and get your doubts cleared
  • Act as a gentleman
  • Flirt decently. It makes her feel good.

No matter how prepared you are there are fair chances that you might end up committing one or the other mistake. It is thus important that you act confidently.

Do not move too fast

Guys are always interested in making sexual moves, and it's their nature do so. However it is necessary to hold on to your excitement, if you don't want to lose her.

Also take care of the following things -

  • Always be well dressed.
  • Treat her like a princess
  • Avoid giving vulgar signals
  • You can hug her, but make sure the hug is the light one
  • Do not reveal your secret, at least on the first meeting
  • Do not talk about your ex girlfriend, as she may not like to hear anything like that in the meeting.

You can enjoy future dates, only if you please her on the first one. Show the best of yourself to her to impress her.

Avoid using your phone

With the present technology, no doubt, you cannot live without your mobile. Don't show how addicted or important your calls are, as she wants your complete attention.

Ensure about the following things -

  • Keep your phone on silent or vibration mode.
  • Answer a call only if it is extremely important or urgent.
  • Do not text-message, while she is talking to you

She is not interested in viewing your latest gadget. Avoid exhibiting it, as she might have something better than you do. Dating is not only a heart game, but a mind game as well. Excel this game soon, to become an expert.

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