When, Where And How To Use Cell Phone In Dating

Over a period of time, cell phones have proven that they are one of the most important as well as useful inventions of all time. Today, all of us communicate with our near and dear ones using mobiles. However, when we talk about dating it is important to know certain rules of using a mobile phone. Don't worry, these rules do not forbid you from using your mobile, but of course there are certain appropriate ways in which you should use your phone in your dating life. There are times and situations depending on which you should make use of calling and texting options of a mobile. Read further to know appropriate mobile etiquettes.

Text messages sometimes are more beneficial than calling:

Calling is anytime quick and easy when compared to messaging, but a text message is the best way in which you can let your partner know that you are thinking of them. Certain things are better discussed in text messages than while speaking on the phone. However, texting while on a date is a clear sign that you are bored with the person and thus need some other entertainment, so you better avoid it. In case, if you receive an important SMS, it is suggested that you make a quick call instead of messaging.

Make appropriate use of mobile while you are out on a date:

Generally, when you are out with someone, avoiding cell phone is appropriate. Nevertheless, there are some situations in which you simply cannot keep away from your mobile. For instance, if you are expecting some important family news or important work calls. There can be many reasons, but whatever it is you are at least expected to keep your mobile on silent. This will not interrupt your conversation and your partner realizes that spending time with them is pricier to you. Further, if you feel the need to make an urgent call, you can anytime make use of the rest room and do so.

Do not use your cell phone while dating in below mentioned situations:

As your relationship matures, you will realize that using cell phones more than needed is in fact encouraging disputing situations. Below are some situations in which it will be best if you avoid using your cell phone for calls as well as messages.

  • Proposing someone over the call or SMS is just a wrong idea. It suggests that you are not really serious.
  • Never ever give important news over a call or message. After all, every kind of news has its own significance and some are better when told in person.
  • If you are in a serious relationship it is essential that you call more often than messaging all the time. This shows that you are truly concerned.
  • Lastly, if your relationship is not working well and you feel like calling things off then meeting in person is crucial. This is a very important situation and you simply cannot make use of a mobile.

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