Right Eye Contact And Body Language For Successful Approach

Dating can be complicated for some of them, even with all the advice, techniques, strategies, formulas, or methods available on the internet. All these dating guidance is useful, but can also become overwhelming and puzzling.

A majority of women wait for guys to approach them. However, the boys are confused to understand the signs women give. The way she talks, looks, flirts or laughs will tactfully let him know that she finds him attractive. If men can detect the genuine meaning of the body language, they can safely approach her.

Is she flirting?

Several males consider girls to be a mystery and either misread signs or miss them completely. Ironically, males claim that they do not recognize, when she is enticing them, but when she flirts with the other guy they have no trouble in detecting.

Approach her

Approaching her is easy and is covered in three steps:

  • Making eye contact
  • Smiling
  • Breaking the ice

Each one in details:

Eye contact - There are specific signs that women display, but first you must be aware that nature has already blessed humans with a potent weapon. It is the most powerful tool that creates rapid and strong bonding with the opposite gender. It is the eye contact or look.

Girls interested will glance at him for a long time or her eyes may likely drift towards yours from time to time. The longer eye contact means stronger attraction. Moreover, if she stares or her eye contact is accompanied with a smile then she is fascinated. This is the right moment to approach her.

You will notice as you walk the streets, parks or around the malls, you make eye contact and give a smile. Many people answer with a warm grin because just for observing you for some seconds have made them consciously aware of you. Now, you are less unfamiliar to them and this can help you to start interacting.

Smiling – eye contact and a smile from her are extremely necessary to approach her. Avoid approaching her at that moment.

Breaking the ice – Comment on the surroundings, occasion or compliment her, which can break the ice. Women love to be complimented, so it is the potent ice-breaker. Remember, you do not have to get anxious because you have made an eye contact and received a smile. Now, it is time to begin the conversation.

Signs (Body language) she is interested?

Gazing girl – At a party, if you see a girl looking at you, it means she can be approached. If you read this glance, you can start the conversation. Girls only glance twice and if they are not approached they get frustrated and move on.

Wandering girl – Interested girls within 20 feet will try to create proximity. They will intentionally try to visit the washroom or the bar for a drink, walking past you. She may be sitting nearby wanting you to make the move.

Dancing girl – the girl may be with her friends at some place, where music is being played, just approach her and invite her for a dance. Later you can walk her off the floor and start a chat.

There are countless opportunities for approaching and all begin with a delicate glance. Remember to recognize them!

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