When Is The Right Time To Introduce Physical Terms In Your Relationship

It's like taking your relationship to the next level, when you have sex with your partner for the first time. Of course, especially for a guy, it has always been exciting and fun to even think about having sex with someone for the first time. Now, that makes it quite clear why people usually rush into having sex in a new relationship.

It's good to start having sex in a new relationship. After-all, physical intimacy enhances the love and interest between two individuals even more. However, at times, couples have reported that they made it disastrous with rushing into physical intimacy without thinking about it. Indeed, if you guys or even one of the two partners aren't ready for this change, things can get messed up. Hence, it's always advisable to give it a thought and have a clear understating whether you guys are ready for it or not.

A Little Of Pros And Cons Analysis

Of course, the very first step you need to take for this would be to decide on your own part. You need to check in with your own self. What will be the pros of sleeping with her, especially at this point of your relationship, and what could be the negative consequences. As obvious is that if the negatives dominate the positives, you need to hold it for a while. Isn't it?

Ok, if you are lacking an idea about the negative aspects of it, think about your own readiness for this great change. Are you actually ready for it? Don't you think if it doesn't go that well then things might get screwed up? As a matter of fact, not every person can actually have sex with a new partner, as they need enough of emotional connections and love shared between the two to do it.

Considering Your Past Sexual Experiences (If Any)

As far as others are concerned, their opinions and views in this context differ a lot. While for many, physical intimacy is healthy once they are married, but others are quite happy indulging in it soon after a few dates. What matters is your idea and readiness for this.

To determine this, you may consider your past sexual experiences. Just review those, and think whether it's unnecessary to put these things off, or is it going too fast and you need to hold it a bit. You don't let it go against your gut feelings, especially since you don't want to lose her.

Most Significantly Discuss It With Her

Yes, that's the most significant part. Once you have decided on your part, its times to discuss it with her. Besides, even if you aren't able to decide it on your own, a mutual discussion would furnish you with a clearer idea on this. Ask her about how she feels about and whether she is ready for it or not. Besides, it isn't about societal norms, or pressures, if you both are ready for it then there is no harm in giving it a go.

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