Relive Your Carefree Childhood Days All Over Again With Her – A Great Date-Idea

You would never fall short of date ideas, if you can actually listen to your instinct. After-all, there are innumerable ways to express your love to each other, enjoy the times together, and to live those to the fullest.

Anyways, what are your plans with her this weekend? Is it again going for a movie, shopping, and a romantic dinner? Well, that is something you guys have been doing for long, isn't it? How about doing something different this time, in-fact how about being ‘kids' again. Just imagine, enjoying this weekend uniquely when you would be doing things that you used to do in your childhood days. After-all childhood is the most enjoyable phase, and that makes it pretty sure that you both are going to enjoy it to the fullest.

Seems interesting, right? However, the question is how to do that? Well, it's just about harnessing your inner child, and inviting her to relive her carefree days all over again with you. Enjoy those free days of playing in the bath tub, running around in a park, making snow cones, catching butterflies in the day and fireflies at dusk. If you are still trying to remember your childhood days, and to collect more ideas, a few of these can be exciting.

Writing Stories Or Painting Together

Why not start it with things like drawing sheets, notebooks, and crayons. Do you remember how you loved getting engaged with these for hours? Try writing a story together, following each other's part. While you have just started with “Once there was a king...” you might be surprised at what comes next for her side. It's only you two, and none else, so continue with it the way you wish to. It can be real fun and interesting when two different minds try to express their thoughts together, sync those, and pen that down.

Similarly, you may also try making a collage or a painting together where you both would be creating your visionary boards for love and romance. By the way, the paintbrushes when run on a pretty face give an amazing finish to it. How could you forget that?

Fun, romance, and play a part, such an activity can be in fact be of great help to you in knowing her state of mind. The way she continues the ‘story' or completes the ‘painting' can well express what she needs, and what's running in her mind.

Building Tent In Your Living Room

If you did this in your childhood, your childhood was awesome. Of course, it's one of the most interesting and exciting experiences of childhood.

Anyways, even today things haven't changed. You may use those pillows and sheets to build a tent in your living room itself, and spend some fun time with her inside it.

Blindfolding and Spinning

Again, this has always been a favorite of most of the kids. Now, what are you kids waiting for, just get started with it. Blindfolding each other, spinning around, falling and feeling dizzy, and then feeding each other with covered eyes can be exciting. Besides, it can also lead to some more ‘fun' and romantic things. Grown Up Kids!

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