How To Become An Expert At Seducing Women

Have you ever wondered as to what is that ‘essence' in some men that women get attracted towards them, like bees towards honey? It is that lady luck favors them. The secret is that these men have perfected the art of seducing their women. Seducing women is easy, especially if you use the right choice of words and gestures.

Seduction is the First Step in Relationships

Every romantic relationship needs to have an active sex life. If not, the relationship is sure to head downhill with partners seeking other people to satisfy their sexual urges. Many women might not be comfortable with your seduction techniques and might actually be put off by your behaviour rather than impressed.

You can to seduce your woman in such a way that it should not offend her, and at the same time it should not look like that you want to jump in bed with her. If you are in a new relationship, then you might want to take things at a slower pace.

Plan out a romantic date and ensure that you dress your best. First impression is always the last impression. Ensure to have your date at a public place such as restaurants, parks or cafes. This will make her feel comfortable and help her loosen up.

Mastering the Art of Seduction

You do not want to jump the gun and directly ask your woman to get into bed with you. She will actually think you to be a psychopath and will never want to see you again. First and foremost you need to be calm and confident.

Begin by complimenting her. Let your focus be on her needs rather than boasting about the number of women you have dated. Women love men who actually listen to them and give them advice when needed.

Be honest about your opinions on certain topics. She is confused and is actually looking for a person who can be her guide on the correct path for the solutions to her problems. Sympathize with her if she is feeling low by holding her hands or hugging her. Have a proper eye contact when you are complimenting her about her dress, makeup or figure.

If you avert eye contact, it shows that you are just complimenting her to please her. If your woman is a shy person, you can initiate a conversation about a topic both of you like about and coax her out of her shell.

Flirting with Her

This can be quite difficult, but not impossible. When you feel that your woman is enjoying herself in your company, move for the kill position. Hold her hands and caresses them in circular motions. Judge her reaction. If she pulls back, then she is not ready yet. If she does not, then you can begin a flirting session with her.

Toy with her hair and give her your killer smile. If she is comfortable with kissing and hugging in public, then you can even give her a peck on the cheek.

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