Wooing Your Lady Love Isn't Tough - Follow These Dating Tips

Envious of your roommate, aren't you? Not because he scores grades better than you do, but because of the women he scored. Well how does he do that?

You have the looks, the personality, and the style. He has something more than just that and it is the X Factor, which everyone is talking about. Well, let's take a look at what he has and you lack. There is still hope at the end of the tunnel, so don't give up. Learn from us today on how best to use your own natural charms on winning that diva's heart. The next time you meet her, she would be floored.

First thing first, have patience and read on to learn more. Rome wasn't built in a day honey, and you need to be smart at the dating game.

A little planning wins her heart

Boys, you should get this right. Women love it when men have plans. This shows them that you are serious and interested in the act of love. Apart from this, when you make the right plans for an intimate date, it shows responsibility and initiatives being taken. You have got to take the lead like a man here, and don't even ask her what she would like on a date.

That's a total damper, if you know what we mean. Since you are going to ask her out, it should then be you to plan on activities she would like. Women, who date men with a plan, are women who enjoy dating more than men do.

Get your car cleaned

It's time to pick up the bucket and soapy water, to clean your car. You would be driving her to the venue, wouldn't you? Remember, first impressions last a lifetime. The cleanliness you show would surely help a woman gauge the way you are in real life. All those beer cans, books, food packets, shoe strings, crumbs, dust and dirt in that car, should now be shown the way to bin.

She would want to be treated like a princess, make that a reality or else there are many others waiting to please her. If the car doesn't smell good, get a car sanitizer or a car instant deo. Don't torture her with a fishy ride, spray the car inside and give it a good wash on the outside.

Dress to respect

A man is surely known by the clothes he wears. You don't have to spend a bomb on the first date, with regard to clothing. Make a good impression on your woman and dress for the occasion. This is a mark of a truly respectful man. When we say dress for the occasion, we mean dress for the occasion. If it is a formal venue such as a friend's engagement or a wedding, a suit with a tie and black shoes would be best. Gel your hair well for a formal and sexy look, and please shave or trim the stubble.

If the date is a casual one, such as one on the beach, a night out, a long drive or even at home. Ensure to be in something semi-casual yet comfortable. Wearing your pyjamas and bathroom slippers sends out the wrong signals.

Finally, just be yourself and don't brag about your talents, skills, the ex's you dumped or dated and certainly pay the bill, first time only. Before you drive down to her place, it would be nice to text or call she then would be ready for prince charming to come around. Best of luck boys!

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