She Can Be More Than Just A Friend – Know How

There is a difference between a friends and a girlfriend. The former we all have, the latter only a lucky few do. Most women are of the opinion that men only want sex, and that's exactly what's on their mind round the clock.

Ask a woman and she would say all men are the same. Keeping that in mind, she wouldn't want to date you, because you not only are her friend, but sexually she doesn't feel attracted towards you. What she'd rather have with you is a platonic relationship, and that's what hurt you now.

Friendship isn't a one-way street, and the same would be for relationships too. Just because you are interested in her as a boyfriend-girlfriend combo, it doesn't mean she would be interested in the same. So how do you overcome this dilemma?

Make an assessment of the threat levels

Now don't be all defensive with the word “threat”, this is just an assessment you need to make, with regard to the male companionship she keeps. Let's say she has a group of men for company. That wouldn't be as threatening as if she just had a male friend for company, single that too. So how do you assess the “male friend threat”? Here is how;

  • Is he Gay?

Most girls hang out with single gay men, and that's a fact. Typical prototypes we say, but that's not a threat, since he swings the other way.

  • A straight male BFF?

There are those who would be there when she hollers them to be. Such men would do anything for her, and be her punching bag too. Not necessarily she would drop those things for them, so don't be too obsessed with such male members around her.

  • The “so called Alpha Males”!

Yes, this species is indeed a threat. They show off like crazy and become magnets for women. However, when you dig deep within, they have no integrity. As they say, keep your enemies closer, hence learn his ways and expose him at the best time.

The real Alpha Males

They are men of class and dignity, sans insecure attitudes and behavior. Women date them like crazy and that's because of their integrity. They know how to command and give respect to both sexes.

What you shouldn't do?

  • Show that you are insecure about her with the single male company she keeps.
  • Never ask her whom to talk to and whom not to, especially with males
  • Learn how to make her distant from the threat from her vicinity, her way.
  • Talk to her in indirect speech, if you see that she understands your concern.

Be the awesome you

Women love it when their man is a natural. By this we mean, stop monitoring her activities round the clock. You shouldn't do that and she wouldn't appreciate it too. Just be yourself, go with the flow and don't impose any restrictions on her social ways. Your main aim is to make her your “girlfriend” and not a slave of love. She should be happy and with her own free will should the two of you become one. Best of luck boys, go get her now!

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