The Benefits Of Penis Enlargement Pumps

You may have wondered why the penis enlargement pumps continue to elicit much publicity. The acceptance of this method may provoke several speculations in your mind. Is it due to the expensive tag the surgical procedure have? Or is it due to the side effects and many counterfeit stories surrounding the penis pills? You may never know.

Even though you are still not sure, one thing is true for a fact. That the penis enlargement pumps have gained unprecedented fame in the few short years. And there must be compelling reasons for this astronomical rise to fame. Perhaps there are certain advantages men derived from their use.

So, we list the benefits you are likely to get from using the penis enlargement pumps.


This probably is one reason why most men consider penis enlargement pumps as an avenue of attaining their penis elongation goals. The devices are cheap when compared to other forms of penis enhancement methods. For example, pills cost about $ 200 for a six-month supply.

In comparison, most common penis pump brands prices range from $100 to $140. Once bought, they can be used for over two years. When you compare it to the cost of surgical intervention - starting from $2,500, you are instantly propelled to consider pumps.

Instant penis transformation

Perhaps the main reason behind the penis pump usage is its ability to create an enlarged member immediately. Once the penis pump is worn and vacuum action induced, the incremental change in the size of the male member is evident.

Hence, men prefer to use it as a foreplay toy with their sexual partners to enhance their sexual experience.

Improvement in the penis size

Using a quality penis pump has been found to yield desired penile extension. A study done shows that an average of one inch was obtained after using a water-based penis enlargement pump for a duration of six months.

Although this achievement normally recedes once you stop its usage, the boost in blood flow is normally beneficial to your overall sexual health.

Changes in flaccid size

The flaccid size of the penis also gains through the use of penis pump. If you are feeling insecure due to minute penis size, then consider employing the services of a penis pump. Not only will the negative and demeaning comments cease at the locker room banter, but it may actually cause a stir – and be a topic of discussion, once you complete the exercise.

Of course, you will feel highly rated and valued with the new physical attribute your phallus has given you.

Hand free exercises

The penis extender is another method that rivals the pump. However, its use is cumbersome since it has to be done in several sessions during the day. Using hands – jelqing - is apparently cheap and free, but it's limited to hand fatigue and unbalanced pressure. For the pump method, however, you have a chance to enjoy a cheap hands-free method of elongating your member without any strain and stress.

Treatment of ED

One of the commanding attributes of the penis pump method of penis enhancement is its ability to cure the erectile dysfunction. This device has been known to not only boost the performance of the male member. It’s aptly suitable for correcting premature ejaculation as well as Peyronie’s syndrome.

No wonder, this method of penis treatment continue to attract more new users. It’s also considered safe when used as instructed.

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