Major Injuries Associated With Penis Pumps

In your zest to obtain a formidable penis size, you may ignore certain precautions essential in evading potential hazards caused by the inappropriate use of penis pumps. This scenario should be avoided. It’s needless to remind you that your initial goal of selecting this tool is to attain a strong and reliable member, not to suffer medical complications.

Therefore, you need to strictly observe these instructions. Obviously, phallus pumps have a user manual with instructions on how to safely operate these devices. The information is intended to keep you out of the harm’s way. It’s also noteworthy to state that most injuries arising from the use of these apparatus are as a result of improper application and bypassing instructions. Other causes of injurious penile inflictions are due to prolonged usage and well as over-ambitious manipulation of these implements.

These could eventually lead to wounds. Below are the major injuries that are associated with the penis pumps.


Due to the strenuous pressure applied to the sex organs, bruises are likely to occur around the penis glands. They result in water-filled bubble-like lumps on the penis shaft.

Though bruises are not a serious health hazard, they tend to get painful and sore with any form of touch. As such, they hinder you from engaging in an intercourse or doing any penile exercise.

Reduced erection

The use of penis pumps is likely to result in paradoxical consequences. Instead of firming up your erection, it may actually reduce erection incidences and firmness. This is due to the mechanism the device applies. Due to the fact that it inhibits the supply of freshly oxygenated blood to the member, the trapped blood gets deoxygenated, hence loss the nutrients and energy needed to firm erection.

Penile fracture

In cases where the pump is applied much more vigorously, it creates the potential for a more serious injury. The fracture of a penis occurs when the mass of tissues supplying the penis shaft crumbles as a result of excessive pressure.

Once it bursts, the blood supply to the penis is gagged. The consequence is akin that experienced during a burst car tire – it cannot support any weight. All the sensory and motor responses to the penis are extinguished. If you happen to suffer this unfortunate fate, then your only remedy is a surgical intervention.

Blood vessel damage

Subjecting your member to an extreme pressure for an extended duration is certainly unwelcomed. The outcome could be disastrous. Not only could this action lead to the rupture of the blood vessel supplying the organ. It may also cause the surrounding tissues to wilt.

This injury may endanger your life. For the blood oozing from the ruptured arteries may clot and finds its way to your heart. This clot could block the heart’s pumping mechanism causing a cardiovascular attack. The outcome for these could be a permanent impotence or even paralysis.

It’s, therefore, extremely important to get all the facts right about penis pump. It costs you nothing to carefully read through the device’s operational booklet. The time you invest in reading this manual may ultimately be your lifesaver.

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