Penis Enlargement Pumps FAQs

Penis enlargement pumps are definitely preferred as a way to enhance the length and performance of your penis. With the increased attention these devices are currently eliciting, maybe it’s better to get to know more about them.

Even with the elevated attention, the penis enlargement pumps are still relatively new. Many men are not yet conversant with the mechanics of its operations. Understandably, therefore, there are numerous questions worth answering to better appreciate this form of penis enlargement. Here are some of the frequently asked questions regarding the penis enlargement pumps.

What is an enlargement pump?

A penis enlargement pump is any mechanical device used to elongate your penis. Almost all brands apply the suction technique to boost the penis size and performance. There are basically two broad categories that all the various pump brands take. These are vacuum pumps and hydro-pumps.

Vacuum type uses air suction while hydro variant applies water to suck in blood to the member in order to enlarge it. A typical penis pump is divided into three segments, namely; the cylinder for holding your member, the tube for sucking out air and lastly, the pumping lever. The pump could be either manually operated by hand or battery powered.

Are penis enlargement results permanent?

The pumps operate by drawing blood to the male organ trapped in the cylinder of the pump. Through this process, the member grows in size.

Studies have shown that water-based pump induces a length increment of about one inch after a six-month usage. Hence, it’s possible to secure a penile elongation using this implement. However, this change is not permanent. After a considerable duration of non-usage, the penis reverts to its original size. The good news, however, is that the organ's performance is permanently enhanced.

How long can you possibly grow through pumps?

The longer you use the pump, the greater the penile transformation. However, the rate of growth is dependent on several factors. First, is the type of the pump in use. The brand, the size and quality of the pump being used influence the growth of your penis. A one-inch elongation is definitely possible with most pumps. However, quality pumps yield a slightly longer but a temporary growth of your member. Secondly is the duration of usage and thirdly is your congenital body characteristics. Some people are well apt at growing new hormones than others.

Are there any side effects?

Like any other devices, side effects are anticipated. Many of these are minor effects. These range from bruises, blisters, swellings of the member as well as temporary numbness.

Unfortunately, however, many men are overzealous in their desire to grow their phallus. As such, they ignore pertinent precautionary instructions written on the pump’s manual. They, therefore, resort to over-pumping, prolonged usage as well as inappropriate handling of the device.

These actions often result in more severe side effects. These reactions include penile tissue tear, penis fatigue, lack of erection (due to prolonged restrictions in the supply of oxygenated blood) and in extreme cases penile fracture.

The answers to these frequent questions should not discourage you from using this tool. Instead, understanding the operation of a pump is designed to help you reap maximum benefits from it. Due to its cheapness and ease of use, many men continue to consider penis enlargement pump as the ultimate method to help them achieve the penis boost they desire.

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