Buying Tips For Penis Enlargement Pumps

Most men readily concur that shopping is usually not their cup of tea. Unlike women who are naturally apt in shopping and enjoy the adventure, men normally go to the store to buy a few items.

Due to this inadequacy, as a man, selecting suitable items is usually confusing. So picking up the most suitable penis enlargement pump out of the many brands available is an uphill task. Understandably, you, therefore, need some guidance on how to go about this process.

Below are some of the buying tips that would help you secure a useful tool needed for your penis enlargement aspirations.

Cylinder type

There are many penis enlargement pumps. While many have colored cylinders, some have transparent ones. To obtain an accurate and quick assessment of the pumping process, consider picking a pump with a transparent container.

When you insert your organ in a transparent vessel, you are likely to notice the size change. Further, a transparent container allows you to identify any discoloration in the vacuum. The change in your penis color may be as a result of oxygen deprivation as well as the growth of new dermis and could also mean too much pressure. Noticing this aspect instantly informs you to lower the pump pressure. Ultimately, therefore, this visual effects enables you to monitor your penis length transformation besides keeping you safe.


Always pay attention to the size of the pump you require. Obviously, you need to measure your member to know exactly how long it is. Using this measure as a guide will help you purchase a tool that will comfortably accommodate your penis while having adequate room for the intended growth.

Picking a pump size that is way too large for your organ will not help, contrary to your assumption. It will just increase your likelihood of suffering injuries, due to too much pressure suction. On the other hand, picking a size that is too small will also unlikely accommodate your phallus. Apart from exposing you to other forms of injuries, it will also not provide the room needed for the anticipated penis expansion.

Pressure gauge

When shopping for a suitable penis pump, ensure it has a pressure gauge. This contraption is small and you may assume that it is unnecessary, but it may actually save you from harm. A pressure gauge is your eye to the operation inside the encapsulated penis. Too little pressure is inadequate for penis enlargement. Conversely, too much pressure is a recipe for penile injuries. The only way to monitor the pressure is via the gauge. Hence, do not ignore this small indicator while shopping for the ideal penis pump.

Vacuum media

Generally, there are two broad media through which the penis enlargement pumps create the necessary pressure. There are those that use air and others that harness water. The air vacuum pumps tend to be cheap and basic while their water-based counterparts are usually more advanced, but costly.

Depending on your needs, you need to decipher the correct suction mechanism. For the treatment of erectile deficiencies, a basic pump may be ideal. However, to remedy the more serious penile complications, a sex therapist would likely prescribe the hydro pump due to the conveniences it offers.

Certified gadgets

This probably should be high on your list of must-have when shopping for an appropriate tool. Safety is so important which dealing with a sensitive organ such as your penis. As such, selecting a certified gadget is the only way to ensure that the implement is made of suitable materials and its operating procedures have been tried and tested for safety and performance.

With the proliferation of counterfeit products, it’s wise to consider certification and warranties from reputable manufacturers.

Doing a little online research will help you phase out defective and fake devices. It’s worth noting these factors while shopping for a penis enlargement pump that will help you to safely attain your desired penis size transformation.

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