A Penis Enlargement Guide Using A Penis Pump

As more men resort to the use of penis pump, this form of penis enlargement similarly earns increased attention. Not only are eager new entrants in need of unbiased records about how the device work, but also the current users willingly offer essential information regarding their experiences.

One of the immediate observation is the wide disparities between users - even those utilizing the same brand - regarding their experiences. And attention is now shifting to whether these conflicting details are as a result of poor handling or inappropriate usage. To get the facts right and consequently relay accurate reviews to the potential users, is, hence, vital. For this purpose, it’s, therefore, prudent to detail the correct use of these devices.

Against this backdrop, we detail a guide on how to correctly use the penis pump. Since there are two main types of penis pumps, we will explain each one separately. Perhaps, once the right procedure is followed, the discordant testimonials will cease.

Using hydro penis pumps

Hydro pumps are those gadgets that use water to induce the necessary pressure needed for a penile growth. The main advantage of the hydro pumps is that they are designed for use in the bathroom. And since you need about half an hour of practice daily, it affords an excellent bathing opportunity. Below are the application steps.

  1. Bath: You can start by entering a shower to ease your skin and warm up for the mechanical penis exercise.
  2. Fill the pump: While still under the spray, pick your device and fill it up with water.
  3. Fix: Once full, set it to cover your member. Seal the fastener so that it fits closely to your pelvic bone.
  4. Use: Now start pumping. You will register a lame erection on your covered penis due to negative pressure inside the container. For excellent results, have two sessions of penis pumps, each lasting about 15 minutes.
  5. Remove: Once the period has elapsed, you can stop the therapy. Release the vacuum pressure by activating the release valve. Air will fill in the vessel allowing you to gently uncouple it from your organ.
  6. Clean the tools and store in readiness for the next use

Using vacuum pump

Vacuum pumps use air to create the necessary pressure for the elongation of your member. Below is a simple procedure of applying this tool correctly.

  1. Fix the apparatus: Obviously, the first step is to insert the vacuum pump to cover your member. Once it’s fastened well, you can start on it.
  2. Start low: Use the hand pump to squeeze the air out of the chamber. Hold the pump for sometimes. Starting low is recommended for beginners. You ought not to exceed two sessions of 20 minutes each, daily. Gradually, you can increase the duration to one hour and eventually to up to three hours of several sessions per day. Ensure you give your organ ample recuperation between different sessions. This break reestablishes normal blood flow and alleviates low pressure on your organ.
  3. Exercise safety: Excessive pumping will not hasten the growth, therefore, use the vacuum as instructed.

You understand that each penis pump is different and the instructions are hence peculiar to that particular device. Hence, follow the precautions illustrated on the pump’s device during use.

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