Do Penis Enlargement Pumps Really Work?

Penis enlargement pumps are considered a cheap and safe alternative to attaining an enlarged male member. This mechanical process continues to elicit both positive and negative publicity, even while its usage and prominence continue to rise.

One of the questions which has retained its persistence in all the hullabaloo surrounding this method has been on the efficacy of these pumps. Do they really work? Understandably, the answers to this simple question are many. And in most cases contradictory. It all depends on whose opinion you seek.

But here is the unbiased assessment which will help you decipher the answer well.

How do they work?

You may already be aware. There are two broad types of penis enlargement pumps. These classifications are due to the way they function. Although pumps in both categories create pressure to induce an increment of the penile cell size, they use different media.

One uses a vacuum to produce the intended changes while the other segment uses water to deliver its results. The one that uses vacuum is relatively cheap and basic in its function. It sucks air to create a vacuum.

On the other hand, the superior version uses water to establish this situation. Once it is worn, water is used to fill the void, hence creating a pressure difference. The variance inside the cylinder attracts blood that engorges the organ.

Therefore, penis pumps in these two segments, work by drawing blood to the penis, resulting in an increase in size. This is through a vacuum mechanism.

What do you expect from penis enlargement pumps?

The elastic penile tissues are enhanced due to the relative pressure differences. As a result, they expand, leading to an elongated penis. It applies the same trick used when you get aroused.

When you have problems with your hormones, however, this function is impaired. It could be due to blood circulation or other medical conditions. Hence, penis pumps can help restore the natural blood flow required to establish a firm erection.

What risks are apparent from their usage?

While the two variants work with pressure, the air based vacuum pump is considered less safe. This is due to high-pressure variances. The differences between the air pressure in the chamber and the one outside are what make the pumps function.

In the case of air vacuum pumps, the pressure created in the chamber usually varies. This is influenced by several factors. The main ones being the state of the organ erection and the ring locks. Therefore, you may experience variances in the pressure within the container. Some areas may record a higher pressure than other regions. The varying pressure is not ideal for the uniform stimulation of the member. Hence, the air based penis enlargement pumps are considered unreliable.

Again, its operating mechanism leaves the organ devoid of oxygen and essential nutrients. This may cause penile tissue atrophy. As a result, in the long run, your penis is likely to experience reduced erection and firmness.

Regarding the water-based pump, they are relatively more robust. The water tends to balance the pressure inside the container well. Hence, its effect is usually gradual and measured, resulting in an ideal pressure.


From the above, it’s clear that penis enlargement pumps help restore erectile dysfunction. Hence, they result in boosting your penis’s ability to function better. Therefore, do not expect any physical transformation in its actual size. Even when this change is evident, it is only for a short time.

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