The Pros And Cons Of Penis Enlargement Pumps

Penis enlargement pumps continue to garner increased preferences among men looking for ways to boost their sexual experience. The uptake of this technique for penis enhancement has shown a steady rise in popularity. While some men may opt for this procedure as a result of advice from their friends and peers, others simply go by the groove – citing growing demand as a motivation for their decision.

Though this selection process is quick and easy, it’s not recommended. There are several other factors you need to consider in helping you make appropriate decisions. First, you are not the same as your penis pump referee. Besides, your penis enlargement aspirations are uniquely personal. Moreover, your body’s responses to the pump therapy will not imitate the reactions exhibited by your friends’. For these reasons, you need to understand the pros and cons of using the penis enlargement pumps.


  1. Corrects sexual dysfunction

The main advantages offered by penis enlargement pumps is their ability to remedy sexual maladies. Problems such as poor or weak erection, Peyronie's syndrome (crooked penis) and premature ejaculations are treated using penis pumps.

  1. Can be used as sex toys

Due to erotic sensation penis pumps generate around the loins, some men prefer using them as sex gadgets. They are used to stimulate the phallus during foreplay with a partner. They can also be used to help complement a masturbation session when alone.

  1. Sexual appeal

The continued use of penis pumps results in a firmer and longer member. After enlargement, the sexual satisfaction derived from an intercourse is enhanced. This obviously elicits a greater sexual appeal not only to you but also to your intimate partner.

  1. Confidence

Another reason for the application of the penis pumps is the psychological boost they elicit. Having a thick member gives you the self-confidence needed to seduce sophisticated women. Greater confidence also translates to a better performance which in turn further boosts your poise. It, therefore, creates an improvement in your overall reproductive health.

  1. Cheap

The acquisition of the penis pumps is easy. Once you get one, you can use it for a considerable duration. Besides, it runs maintenance-free. Even though models differ, the overall cost of owning and operating a modest penis enlargement pump may be reasonable.


  1. Dependency

One of the reasons why men stay away from the penis enlargement pumps is its addictive propensity. Initially, you start by using the pump for a few minutes daily. But as you get acquainted with it, you increase the usage time. Besides, to yield the desired results, it’s usually used for a period of between six to eight months. Eventually, you grow addicted to the tool and find yourself incapable of engaging in an intercourse without it.

  1. Long-term effects

The long-term effects have not been well documented. Using this device for long creates a negative reaction. It works through a suction system. This means that it draws blood to the penis through a vacuum. However, in so doing, it starves the penile vessels of oxygen and other good nutrients. This results in a malnourishment member.

What’s more, its use has been associated with undesirable side effects. Hand fatigue, especially when using the manual pump, is evident. Besides, not following manufacturer’s instruction may cause penile injuries.

Even with the drawbacks, penis enlargement pumps have been credited with restoring proper erectile functions and delivering enhanced penis functions.

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