There are many methods of penis enlargement. The penis pump is one such procedure. It’s a mechanical device used to help increase the size and the strength of a penis. This method of penis enlargement is gaining popularity as more men consider its application.

As a result, many men desirous of an elongated and a firmer member use it. You may be interested in knowing a little bit about this mechanism. Below is information which will help you better understand how this contraption is applied to resuscitate your penis performance.

What they are

Penis pumps are all devices that use some form of pressure to act on your penis. Generally, these device has a cylinder with a pump that is used to generate pressure. They comprise two main types of pumps. Both variants apply the vacuum technique to deliver their purported results. First, there are those that use air to create the necessary vacuum. Then there are those that fill the chamber with water to induce pressure.

The device is constructed as a cylinder with a locking apparatus that is then connected by a flexible tube leading to a pumping lever. By inserting your organ in it and engaging the locking mechanism, you are able to squeeze the air out of the chamber to create a vacuum.

How they work

You can use either the air-based vacuum penis pump or the hydro-based pressure pump. Both deliver the needed pressure ideal for stimulating your organs into engorging.

The air-driven contraption is easy to use. When in operation, the pump sucks the air out of the cylinder, creating a vacuum. A low pressure is then created in the cylinder as a result. This difference of pressure on the outside and inside of the chamber forces more blood to be drawn to your encased penis. Hence, it causes a gradual enlargement in the size of your members.

The situation is also experienced when using the water-based penis pump. Here, water is pumped into the chamber, creating pressure differences. It’s this pressure variation between the inside and outside of the chamber that results in an increased blood flow, resulting in a steady firming of the member.

Why they are used

Even though many men aspire an enlarged sex organ, they do not envisage an invasive method. They also do not want to constantly swallow pills. Hence, they resort to the pumps.

Pumps, especially the water-based ones, create a safe and ideal pressure needed to stimulate your penis into growth. Further, it’s cheap to acquire, being that it’s only bought once and could be used for a long duration.

Do they offer any benefits?

To what extent penis pumps are beneficial to the penis enlargement efforts has been debated as long as the pumps have been in existence. While some agree that they induce the necessary enlargement, others contend that they’re a hoax.

What we know is that when used as per the manufacturer’s instruction, a quality pump succeeds in delivering a short-term enlargement of the phallus. Normally, this transformation is small - usually up to one inch.


Even though this application is popular, the repercussions arising out of its long-term use have not been documented. By creating a vacuum, it starves the penile vessels of oxygen and essential nutrients. This scenario creates malnourishment to the entire male sex organ.

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