Penis Pumps For Erectile Dysfunction

Today, men suffering from erectile dysfunction are able to enjoy sexual intercourse with their partners without perturbation. This has been made easy with the introduction of the erectile dysfunction pump. This is a device used by men to achieve and sustain erections by making blood to flow to the areas surrounding the penis.

This is not an absolute cure for this condition. What it does is to increase the ability for sexual activity. The penis pump can be used alone or with other treatments. Sometimes, oral medication is given to accompany the pump. It is a non-invasive form of treatment.

The penis pump is made up of three essential parts; a clear tube placed over the penis, a pump powered by hand or battery that is attached to the tube and a constriction ring that is placed around the foot of the penis when erect.

For the pump to work effectively, apply jelly to the penis base. The jelly should be water soluble. The next thing to do is placing the penis in the tube. Pump the air out slowly. This will fill the penis with blood. To maintain the erection, place the band around the base of the penis. You can try different sizes of bands to determine which one is comfortable for you.

Once you’ve worn the ring, you can do away with the pump and commence sexual activity. After the activity, remove the band. If worn for long it can cut off the blood flow and cause some injury. The ED pump is a good option for men who cannot take the ED oral medicine. Before using the pump, you should see your doctor for instructions.

Where can you get an erectile dysfunction pump? Well, be sure to see a doctor for a recommendation regarding your condition. Some pumps are available without prescriptions. They are commonly sold online and may not be safe to use. The effectiveness of these pumps may also not be guaranteed. Go for a pump with a vacuum limiter. This will significantly minimize the chances of injuries by limiting pressure from building too high.

The benefits of an erectile dysfunction pump include; the ability to have sexual intercourse using the pump, this may happen after a bit of practice. The ED pump comes at a minimal cost. After the initial purchase and learning how to use the pump correctly, there are no other costs likely to be incurred. It is a noninvasive treatment and can be combined with other forms of treatments such as oral medications.

Before getting the device, make an effort to discuss with your partner. Let her be aware. It is crucial that both of you have expectations that are realistic of what the device is capable of doing – not to expect too much from it. The pump gives you an erection suitable for sexual intercourse. This erection is not like the usual erection.

It may be difficult to learn how to use the ED pump. However, through numerous tries (approximately five attempts), you may be able to use your device correctly. Some men find the constriction band irritating during sexual intercourse, but this will last only for a little while. You don’t have to suffer from erectile dysfunction when there is a viable solution for you.

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