Which Is Better? A Penis Pump Or Penis Extender?

Male enhancement presents many options for men looking to improve their bedroom performance. This is aimed at finding a perfect solution to the exact dysfunction a man is suffering from. Since different men usually suffer from different sexual issues, there is a need to come up with various techniques for countering every problem independently.

A penis pump and a penis extender are some of the fantastic male enhancement devices commonly used by men today. Although these devices seem to look and work differently, they aim at achieving a similar goal – they are used to enlarge the penis.

A penis pump is a device that relies on the process of suction, which instigates an increased flow of blood to the penile chambers to increase the size of the penis. When used correctly and consistently, a penis pump can help increase the penis girth and length. However, most researchers and men have reported more increase in the penis girth as compared to length. The ability to force blood into the penile chambers makes a penis pump capable of causing instant erections during use.

A penis extender, on the other hand, is a device that works by stretching the shaft of the penis through traction process to initiate cell division and replication. A penis extender is commonly used by men looking to increase the length of their penises more than the girth. As the device is applied consistently to the penis, it results in the continuous growth and development of new cells that eventually occupy the spaces left as a result of tension.

When looking to pick out one enhancement device between a penis pump and a penis extender, it is critical first to determine your primary reason for looking for an enhancement device. You might be suffering from erectile dysfunction, the Peyronie’s disease or possessing a micropenis. All these problems can’t be efficiently managed through the use of the same enhancement device. You’ll have to choose one with regard to your sexual dysfunction.

If you are looking to add more length to your penis as compared to girth, then a penis extender will serve you better than a penis pump. However, if you are looking to add more girth to your penis than length, then a penis pump is the better option. The process of penile traction usually stretches the shaft of the penis in a straight manner hence stimulating the penile cells to grow in a line. On the other hand, the suction force provided by a penis pump usually forces the penis shaft to widen more.

A penis extender device can help treat the Peyronie’s disease which is a condition in which a man’s penis becomes extremely bent. This can be impossible to correct through the use of a penis pump since stretching force is what is needed to force a curved penis to assume a straight shape. A penis pump, on the other hand, can be used to manage the issue of erectile dysfunction by forcing blood into the penis, which, in turn, prompts an erection.

Therefore, both penis pump and penis extender device are essential for male enhancement. It is just a matter of realizing your sexual dysfunction and picking out the perfect device between the two.

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