Penis Extenders: True Or False

There are several myths surrounding the use of penis extenders. It is surprising that some men are not familiar with what penis extenders exactly do. This confusion is leading to the spread of rumors about penis extenders. The following are some of the true and false allegations surrounding the use of penis extenders;

A penis extender can’t accommodate your penis

False. A majority of penis extenders are designed to accommodate all types of penises. They are made of adjustable knobs that allow an increase or decrease in length so as to fit the size of the penis. There are several excellent brands of extenders that will hold your penis perfectly regardless of its size. There is no worry of penis slippage or too much squeezing.

You can’t engage in sexual activities when using penis extenders

False. Penis extenders are not permanently fixed on your penis and can be removed at any given time. The process of penis enlargement takes a longer period of time and it is unfair for a man to go without sex for all that period. When removed, your penis will still gain erections and work perfectly. In fact, you are likely to experience an enhanced sexual performance and experience. You may experience an increased vaginal stretching indicating that you have gained some size.

Penis extenders can only enlarge your penis when put on every time

False. Despite the recommendation to use penis extenders consistently, it is untrue that the only way to ensure an enlargement is by having the device on every time. Wearing a penis extender for only four hours a day will still bring out desirable results. Besides, it is not only about how long you wear a penis extender but also how you apply the device. You may be applying too much pressure or very little pressure on the glans which cannot help you get the desired result.

Using doctor-recommended penis extenders correctly cannot result in any side effects

True. Your doctor usually knows what is best for you and will always advise you on what to steer clear of. Just like penis pills, penis extenders are not friendly to all men. Some work only for a certain group of men. Furthermore, the devices recommended by doctors are more likely to be genuine and capable of bringing out positive results.

Penis extenders are safe and offer more convenience

When used correctly, penis extenders will only give you the benefits. These devices are clinically tested and are safe to use. The materials are rust-proof and very light. The lightness makes penis extenders more portable and will allow you to use them while going to work, while at the office or while at home. Also, you can enlarge your penis secretly without anyone bursting you.

The results obtained from using penis extenders are permanent

True. The use of penis extenders is one of the scientifically proven methods of penis enlargement said to work effectively. Although the process may take a longer period of time to show results, one is likely to enjoy lasting benefits. You should know that permanent results won’t come without you investing a lot of effort in the enlargement program. Always spare some time to stretch your penis every day.

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