Some Questions About Penis Extenders You Might Not Ask

The penis is one of the most sensitive parts of a man’s body. Without a healthy penis, you cannot indulge in pleasurable sexual activities. Therefore, a penis should always be handled with maximum care to avoid unnecessary injuries. Penis enlargement is a popular way of enhancing bedroom performance and is welcomed by many men all over the world. A bigger penis comes with lots of benefits, both physiological and psychological. The following are some of the questions about penis extenders you might not ask;

How do penis extenders work?

Most people wonder how penis extenders work. Even some of the men already using these devices don’t have an idea about what the devices do to their penises in order to achieve those massive sizes. The truth is that penis extenders use traction that stretches the penis thereby extending the glans away from the foot of the pubic area. The portion consisting of the rubber normally keeps the glans in place. The glans are then kept extended by the screws attached to the rubber.

Does using a penis extender cause pain?

No. Since the use of penis extenders involves the stretching of the penis, you might think that the procedure is much painful. The device is usually made to accommodate the penis perfectly and will not cause any pain. Besides, you are able to adjust the device in a manner that suits you comfortably.

Are penis extenders suitable for those with foreskins?

Yes. Penis extenders are meant for all types of men with different kinds of penises. Whether circumcised or not, you will still be able to enlarge your penis. The foreskin doesn’t prevent penis stretching as it can be held back with ease to allow the glans to be held by the hose.

Can a penis extender help you correct a curved penis?

Yes. Penis extenders have been proven to straighten the penis for those who had curved penises. A penis extender holds the shaft of the penis in position and forces it to take the direction of the strap of the penis extender which is usually straight in shape. The use of a penis extender over a longer period of time results in the division of more cells and the development of newer tissues to fill in the spaces left by stretching the curved penile tissues. This helps in straightening the penis.

For how long should you wear your penis extender in a day?

Penis extenders should be put on for approximately four hours. This should not include the time for breaks. Four hours is enough to stimulate your body cells to start dividing. However, you should always use penis extenders consistently to enhance the best results.

What should you do when your glans is changing color?

You may begin to get worried about the new color of your glans when using a penis extender. This may be as a result of fastening your penis too tightly in a manner that prevents the free circulation of oxygen. The best solution to this is through unfastening the penis extender and massaging your glans with warm water to stimulate the flow of blood in the area again.

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