Types Of Penis Enlargement Pumps

Penis enlargement pumps are becoming increasingly popular in recent years. They are known for offering efficient and quick results without severe side effects. These devices aren't only ideal for increasing the size of a penis but are also known to help with several erection problems. Penis pumps were invented in 1971 and patented in the same year. If you are using or intending to use penis pumps, you have Otto Ledever to thank for having discovered the very first vacuum pump.

There are various classifications of penis enlargement pumps. In this article, we look at the two broad categories of penis pumps namely:

  • The water based pumps

  • Air pumps

Both of these types of pumps are effective. The only difference is the principle behind their operations. For instance, air pumps usually produce a vacuum in theair and the water-based typically use the water pressure to cause penis enlargement. Both pumps are considered as highly safe alternatives to penis surgery. Now, let us look at each of these options separately and in detail.

The water based pumps

It's comfortable, effective and safe. These types of penis enlargement pumps are more expensive compared to the air pumps. The fact that this pump comes at a premium goes hand in hand with the guarantee that it won't let you down. Since the penis pump is water-based, the chances of the user pumping out of the safe zone of pressure are significantly reduced. This means that the possibilities of causing penis injuries are reduced to almost zero. Its greatest advantage emanates from the fact that it equally splits up the potential for growth between the varying penis areas such as the foreskin and the girth.

On the other hand, air pumps are only known to increase either the girth or foreskin- but not both. Why should I decide to use water-based penis pumps? Although they are arguably the most expensive, they are convenient to use. Besides, they can easily be utilised in the shower to ensure sufficient amount of time and consequently, optimal penis gains.

Air pumps

Air pumps are designed for individuals who wish to attain their penis enlargement goal through vacuum technology. The majority of air pumps available on the market have helped men solve their erectile dysfunction problems. Some men with mild cock curvature have used this technology to make their penises straighter. Do you feel like your sexual performance needs some boost? Well, air pumps are known to help men gain and maintain a stronger and powerful erection that lasts long enough. There is nothing as annoying as being unable to keep an erection long enough. It can be such a huge embarrassment and a cause for sexual dissatisfaction for both you and your partner.

Why should anyone use air pumps? They have been tried and tested for several decades. Further, if you are experiencing financial limitations, air pumps can be quite a saviour. Even though they aren't as powerful as water based pumps, they are actually effective after all. The difference in effectiveness arises from the fact that air pumps may not evenly compress air on your schlong- leading to uneven results.

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