Tips To Make A Girlfriend – Be Selective And Not Desperate

Every man feels lonely at times and desires to have a girlfriend. Suppose you had a magic wand, a beautiful girl would fall in your lap. However in reality, you will have to make a little effort and the first factor you will have to do is to leave your comfort zone---your house and TV/computer screen and get interactive or social.

Be selective - Remember that the girlfriend must be a special lady in your life. Moreover, avoid making a mistake of getting committed with the first woman, who gives you attention. You do not have to sleep with many girls, but dating different girls will help you find that particular lady of your dreams. Therefore, be choosy. Don't look desperate! Self-confidence and independence are two extreme sexy qualities in males, which are capable of attracting girls.

You have friends, but it is a small group with the same people hanging around. You are comfortable with this group, but this can limit your meeting with other women.

Socialize - Instead of looking for ways to attain a girlfriend grow your social circle and form good friends. In this way, you will enjoy life to the fullest and have opportunities to perform interesting activities with many women. Talk to many girls not just attractive ones. Making good female friends will help you to feel and learn the emotional of women in general. Furthermore, you will be helping yourself by feeling less lonely and less anxious to seek a girlfriend.

Physical appearance counts – You don't have to be stylish, but unwrinkled and clean clothes will make a good impression. Staying in shape will boost your confidence making you appear more positive.

Keep having fun – If you do not enjoy, while talking or looking at the hot girl then you are perhaps taking it very seriously. On the other hand, if you are enjoying it then you will not care about the prospective rejection. Thus, you will appear as a cool and entertaining gentleman to her.

Take initiative – If you like her then invite her to go on a coffee date. Pick her up or take the bus/walk together are polite gestures that will be appreciated. It will also buy you more time to get to know one another.

Create a second date – After the first date, if you still sense positive vibes then consider making it a little more romantic. You can plan to go out for a dinner date. You can even kiss her goodnight, but look for signs that she desires to be kissed.

Gauge her signals – If she reacts to your flirting, joking in a better way and appears comfortable with you around then she is probably interested. You can try putting your hand around her shoulder, while walking. If she seems tensed or uncomfortable or attempts to pull away then bear in mind that she probably hasn't become fond of you yet.

Once you are sufficiently ensured that there is strong mutual attraction then you can ask her to be your girlfriend. Remember to ask her in person and not over phone, text, or chat.

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