Ways You May Be Shortening Your Penis

You are there complaining about your suspected penis shrinkage and wondering what is causing it. What you are not aware of is the fact that you might be doing something to cause your penis shrinkage. Before you make that appointment with your doctor, examine yourself and determine if you could be unknowingly reducing the size of your manhood. Below are a couple of things that have been said to lead to shortening of the penis:

Weight gain

If you have recently gained weight, and your penis appears to be reducing regarding size, the answer might just be found in this recent change. Thankfully, in most instances, issues of penis shrinkage associated accumulated belly fat is only a visual effect. This is mainly because, when you gain weight, a lot of body fat tends to accumulate in the pubic and abdominal area and as such, exerting weight and pressure on the scrotum. When this happens, your penis appears shorter than it is.

Nevertheless, being obese also interferes with blood circulation to the penis area. By now, you must already be aware of the relationship between the blood volumes flowing to the penis, and the size of your erections. Poor blood flow results in much difficulties attaining sufficiently strong erections. For this reason, it is imperative that you devise an effective strategy of shedding off the weight you have gained to not only improve how big your penis appears but also, to facilitate enhanced blood flow.

Chronic masturbation

Too much of anything is poisonous, and this includes masturbation. Of course, masturbation has its advantages such as prevention of premature ejaculation, but if you are overdoing it, you are increasing your chances of suffering penis shrinkage. According to the director of medicine at San Diego’s Alvarado Hospital, Dr. Irwin Goldstein, two things that cause penis shrinkage namely:

  • Build up of plaque, also known as fat which consequently prevents sufficient flow of blood and
  • Pile up of the inelastic scar tissue known to prevent arteries inside the fibrous sheath of the penis chambers from growing.

He further associates these two causative agents with over masturbation. Apparently, excess masturbation hurt the various subcutaneous penile tissues which result in the accumulation of fats and increased scar tissue. When a body is sexually exhausted, an essential growth hormone needed for the restoration of penile tissues gets depleted. In the end, a man will have to deal with penis shrinkage. It is worth noting that the fat build up and growth of inelastic tissue are prevalent in the Peyronie's disease – the more reason you should masturbate in a reasonable manner.

Prolonged abstinence

Experts recommend that men use their penises lest they lose a couple of inches. However rare it is, prolonged abstinence from sex or disuse leads to penile shrinkage. It, therefore, makes complete sense to ensure that your penile muscles are exercised regularly. If you cannot have sex, for whatever reason, try masturbation or natural penis exercises.

Exposure to radiation

Fertility doctors discourage men from bathing using hot water. Apparently, radiation exposure is bad for the penile tissues, and too much of it is even said to steal away a person’s erection function. The imbalance experienced by the male reproductive system is also blamed for a slight reduction in the penis size. Unfortunately, treatments for some medical conditions such as testicular cancer are impossible without exposure to radiation, making it impossible to avoid it completely.

There are several other causes of penis shrinkage such as smoking, excessive consumption of alcohol, poor diet, and lack of physical exercises. Consider adopting a lifestyle change, but most importantly, consult your doctor as there could be an underlying medical problem.

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