Top 5 Most Famous Penises

Many people have earned different types of reputations for varying reasons. Some are known for groundbreaking successes in the world of business, some are known for their extraordinary involvement in philanthropic work, while others have become famous because of their record-breaking performances in matters academic, or other aspects of life.

To some extent, being known for these things is pretty much normal, seeing that there is nothing unique about bearing the usual titles. Now, imagine a situation where your penis is the single reason why you are popular among the world citizens. Now that is what we call standing apart. It is something worth talking about. For this reason, let us look at the top five most famous penises in the history of the world.

Milton Berle

He made a name for himself in the world of show business, not only for his comedy work but also because of his gigantic penis. Locker room syndrome is not something that started a few years ago. Apparently, Phil Silvers, an actor who lived between 1911 and 1985, got an opportunity to glance down at the penis of Milton Berle in a public urinal. He made a witty remark that showed that Milton’s manhood was extraordinarily big.

Wilt Chamberlain

Standing at 7’1’’, I can safely conclude that Chamberlain was the most influential and stunning basketball player of all time. In his career, he scored 31,419 points. We are talking about an individual who scored a whopping a hundred points in a single game. It explains why he broke many basketball records. His penis appears to have earned him a reputation as well. As a widely traveled basketball player, his penis got the opportunity to interact with dozens of women. He is said to have slept with approximately 20000 women. You needn’t question where he got the energy, and the guts to sleep with around eight women in a week - assuming he began to engage in sex at the age of 15.

John Curtis Holmes

He lived between August 1944 and March 1988. Also known as Johnny Wadd, Holmes was among the most prolific porn stars in the history of the world. He appeared in approximately 2500 stag films, porn movies, and adult loops. Most importantly, Holmes is best known for having an extraordinarily big penis. Unfortunately, there is no conclusive evidence of his actual penis size. His wife claimed it was 10 inches long, Holmes himself said it was 15 inches, while his manager said that he saw him measure it a couple of times, and it was 13.5 inches.

David – Michelangelo’s work

Michelangelo’s work, David, is considered the most astounding sculpture work. Many words are used to describe this sculpture but it is mostly seen as a symbol of both strength and youthful beauty of humans – and this include the clear view of the sculpture’s penis.

John Wayne Bobbitt

One night in 1993, John Bobbitt entered his home intoxicated and unfortunately raped his wife. After the incident, his wife Lorena walked to the kitchen to drink some water and on the counter lay a knife. She would then use the knife to cut part of her husband's penis while he was sound asleep, before leaving the apartment bringing with her the severed part. She drove for a while and threw the penis part out through the car’s window. After realizing the severity of her actions, she called 911 and provided the location of the penis part. The penis part was reattached by doctors in a surgery that lasted 9½ hours. Needless to say, John Wayne Bobbitt was tried and acquitted for the alleged rape case.

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