The Five Strangest Facts About Penises

The size of a man’s penis has always been used as a measure of his masculinity. Unfortunately, as bizarre as this might sound, this has been one of the hardest misconceptions to debunk. The more the experts try to deny this fact, the more the society is convinced that it is no lie. Men themselves tend to attach their manhood to their penises, and their self-esteem is lowered significantly, especially when they identify someone who is more packaged than them. As it is, it appears that nothing much can be done to reverse this kind of thinking.

However, if you thought you had heard enough weird facts about penises, you are mistaken. Let us divert our attention to strange myths associated with cocks, and focus our attention on five of the weirdest facts about male members that you probably didn’t know.

They include:

Calories in the cum

A lot has been said about the number of calories contained in the semen. Surprisingly, they are not as many as the female population has been made to believe. His cum is very low in calories. Apart from the 36 approximated calories, the semen is composed of amino acid, enzymes, fructose, citric acid, as well as water.

Penis fractures

One might laugh at this fact, but it is true, and what is more, penile fractures are more common than you can imagine. The U.S National Statistic on Penile Fracture revealed that approximately 1043 men were admitted to the hospitals due to fractures between 2006 and 2007. Although the patients were aged between 16 and 67 years, their average age was 36.7 years.

One may wonder why these fractures happen in the first place, because the penis has no bones. A couple of factors are blamed for this form of penile injury ranging from extremely vigorous sex, intentional twisting of an erect penis, or accidents. A third of penile breakages happen when a man is thrusting in and out and accidentally misses the vagina. As such, men ought to exercise utmost caution.

Penis sizes

The biggest natural penis that has ever been recorded belongs to Jonah Falcon, and it measures 13.5 inches. On the other hand, the smallest erect penis on record is 2 inches long.

Erections at night

It has been said that men must use their penises, lest they lose both the girth and the length. So, what is to become of men who are not sexually active? The good news is; as long as you do not suffer from erectile dysfunction, popularly known as impotence, you have nothing to worry about. A healthy guy experiences up to five erections while he is sleeping at night each lasting somewhere between 25 and 30 minutes. That translates to about two and half hours of nightly erections.

The penis is not a muscle

Ever wondered why you could not easily move a fully erect penis? Well, I have got the answer – it is not a muscle. Apparently, dicks contain no muscles at all. Instead, it is some sort of a sponge that accommodates huge volumes of blood when one is sexually aroused.

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