Penis Enlargement – The Past, Present, And Future

In their search for the ways and culture of the ancient people, archaeologists were surprised to discover cave paintings that revealed a concept that many people perceive as a new perception – that a bigger penis is better than a small one. The obsession that men have today with their penis size did not just begin. Archaeological evidence shows that men who lived many centuries away preferred larger cocks and engaged in activities that lengthened their cocks.

The Chinese have a stellar reputation for using herbal remedies to promote improved sexual health and enlarged members as well. The traditional Chinese medicine is still widely in use in modern times – even in the treatment of other health problems.

The Arabs are known for engaging in jelqing during the past decades. Young Arabian boys were taught jelqing immediately the entered puberty. It was seen as a symbol for transitioning from boyhood to manhood. Whether the Arabs are the ones who discovered jelqing, is something that still needs to be confirmed. Jelqing entails massaging a semi-erect penis. It should not be performed on a fully erect penis.

According to research studies conducted across the world, Africa earned a reputation of having the largest penises based on the result of the mean of their penis sizes. Historical evidence reveals that African men have been going to extreme lengths – since 2000 years ago – to ensure that they have long penises. In the past, they would hang weights on their penises to lengthen them. If you think this is crazy, I wonder what you will think about the ancient Brazilian culture where they would allow poisonous snakes to bite their cocks for purposes of enlargement. Lastly, in Borneo, men would insert bones or metal rods in their penises in search of a permanent solution to their desire for a bigger penis.

Today, penis enlargement has experienced a major transformation. Otto Ledever made the first penis pumps in the early 1900s, but the penis pump was not commercialised until the 1970s. Penis surgery was also discovered during the 20th century. Doctors discovered a way of cutting the tendon to allow the penis to hang much longer than it usually does. While some men have been brave enough to undergo penis enlargement surgery, the majority of them do not consider it as an option. Although it is the most radical PE technique, it has also been labelled as the riskiest. Considering the delicate nature of the male member, not many people are willing to put the health and the functionality of their sexual organs on the line.

Advancement in technology has led to the discovery of safer and more effective methods of penis enlargement. Men aspiring to have enlarged or wider penises have a wide variety of PE techniques to choose from. Besides, there are endless brands of each of these products that come with different price tags. Penis enlargement has become more affordable and readily available. Enlargement devices are more comfortable thanks to the added features that guarantee user-friendliness and convenience for the user.

I believe that we are yet to see the best of the penis enlargement industry.

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