Otto Ledever – The Father Of Penis Enlargement

The penis enlargement devices have become an important part of male enhancement. They come in the form of penis pumps, weights, and penis extenders. Among the reasons penis enlargement devices are loved by users is because they promote natural enlargement. In recent years, people are embracing all things natural, and male enhancement is not an exception.

Today, penis enlargement devices are more advanced and have more useful features compared to when they were first discovered. As such, they are more effective and safer than ever before, explaining why more and more men show interest in trying them out.

Since time immemorial, men have had this obsession to have bigger members – it is not a behavioral pattern that they picked recently. There is a documented history of rituals and procedures that were performed during the ancient times to make penis lengthier, wider, straighter, and more attractive, and penis pump has always been a part of this history since the 1900s.

Otto Ledever is one important guy in the history of penis enlargement, and some people refer him as the father of penis enlargement. Whether he deserves this title, as far as you are concerned, is up to you to determine. Unfortunately, there is no much information about this Austrian doctor who discovered the first penis pump (air-based) during the early part of the 20th century.

Otto based his invention on the fact that penis requires sufficient blood volumes to not only obtain a massive erection but also retain it for as long as needed. All the penis enlargement methods today are developed based on this concept. His model worked by increasing the amount of blood flowing into the penis, and consequently, making the cock mostly wider, but also lengthier.

Amazingly, the first penis pump gained instant success, behind receiving robust publicity. Just like today, topics of male enlargement were discussed in whispers, and related advertisements were rare, and if any, they would be stashed on the last pages of shady magazines. Nevertheless, the world population then exhibited the desire to throw away the taboo associated with penis enlargement.

Male enhancement devices were made available openly in more markets across Austria, and the world over. This saw the rise of other inventors – both amateurs and experts. They were driven by the desire to improve the original penis pump design, a move that gave birth to traction devices. Vacuum penis pumps and penis extenders took over the market during the 1970s and men from all parts of the world bought them to enlarge their members.

Things have loosened up a bit in modern times – especially because we live in the golden age of the Internet. Information about penis enlargement is no longer as limited as it was back then. Within a few clicks, one can learn nearly everything they wish to know, and much more, including ordering PE products from the comfort of their computers, or Smartphone. The modern consumers are spoilt for choice today with the availability of a wide variety of brands attached varying prices. Unfortunately, the market has attracted even the rogue manufacturers and distributors alike. For this reason, indulge due diligence, and take your time to research a given brand before deciding to buy it.

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