Guess Which Nationality Leads The World In Penis Enlargement

The World over, different cultures and nationalities are known for possessing particular traits. They are usually described using distinct characteristics such as the moral values they uphold, their religion, lifestyles and their delicacies and so on. Surprisingly, there have been rumors going around for the longest time claiming that one can almost always guess how a man hangs just by knowing their nationalities.

I once read that men from African countries tend to have the biggest penises, while those from the Asian communities have the smallest. These claims boost the self-esteem of African men, but one can already imagine what they do to Asian men. The good news is; men who feel inadequate have a wide range of penis enlargement techniques that can help turn around their situations. In recent years, more men have opened up to the idea of male enhancement, and the majority of them that have taken a leap of faith to try out these products are already reaping tremendous benefits.

That aside, we need to establish if the above claim holds, and if not, how exactly are things? In 2012, released the results of a worldwide survey that sought to rank countries according to the average penis size of their men. The research study was conducted by the University of Ulster-Northern Ireland. The researchers’ motive was to determine if it was true that men from countries in Africa have the biggest cocks, and Asians have the smallest, and the findings confirmed these myths. Out of 116 countries, Congo Brazzaville took the first position with penis sizes averaging 7.06 inches. Ghana was number four with 6.81 inches. Other African countries that dominated the top rankings include Sudan, Burkina Faso, Senegal, Gambia, Zambia, Angola, Egypt, Nigeria, and Zimbabwe.

On the other hand, Asian countries occupied the bottom part of the rankings, with North Korea and South Korea closing the list with the average penis size of 3.80 inches. Singapore, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Hong Kong, Philippines, Taiwan, and Thailand average at between 4-4.54 inches.

Based on this survey, Africa and South America appear to carry the day as far as having a big dick is concerned.

While these findings may have confirmed what people have been speculating, there are exceptional cases as well. For instance, at position 89, and from Africa, Ethiopia seems to have gone against the current. Of course, we would not expect everyone to be in agreement with these revelations – especially if the findings are not in his or her favor.

Below are other notable revelations:

  • The penis should be measured from the penis tip all the way to the base – at the beginning of the pubic bone.
  • The average penis size, based on the global statistics is 5.5 inches (length wise)
  • Across the world, only 3 percent of men measure more than eight inches long. Apparently, 6 percent of men cannot find the standard condom size quite small.

One may wonder; why this variability of penis sizes between continents and countries? This is a topic for another day. In the meantime, ponder over these revelations.

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