Are You Ever Too Old for Penis Enlargement?

A man desiring to undergo penis enlargement seeks to understand things that can act as hindrances and age is usually top on the list. Thankfully, as they say, age is just but a number – at least most of the times. As long as you are healthy, old age should not limit you from pursuing one or a combination of the various PE techniques.

There is a minimum age, though; individuals younger than 18 should not engage in male enhancement as their genitals are still in the natural developmental stage, and any interference can result in potentially harmful effects. As such, wait until your penis is done growing before you can think of seeking male enhancement.

So, whether you are 25, and you are just starting to discover the world of sex and manhood, or you are 65, you are a potential candidate for penis enlargement. Your motivation towards having a bigger penis does not matter, as long as you are willing to go all the way to realise the desired results. Men enlarge their penises for varying reasons. Some just want to boost their manhood and self-esteem levels, while others dream of becoming better lovers. Whatever your reasons are, age should be the last hindrance you have to think of.

Link between age and sexual functioning

The sexual function of a man declines as he ages. The level of his testosterone falls, and consequently, more efforts are needed to arouse him, compared to when he was younger. It takes him much longer to obtain an erection and orgasm once he is aroused. Also, the sperm quality and semen volume also suffer as a man advances in age. The most surprising and perhaps scary part is the existing direct relationship between erectile dysfunction – popularly known as impotence, and old age.

Studies reveal that the proportion of potent men goes from 60 percent to approximately 30 percent between 40 and 70 years of age. It looks like the penis is almost always under attack as the man grows older because the urinary function also experiences a gradual decline. The urine stream becomes weak over time due to weak bladder muscles as well as prostate enlargement.

As if that is not enough, research studies confirm what have been under speculation for quite some time – the penis reduces in size as a man moves away from his 30s to 40s and later on to old age. Reduced blood flow and testosterone are among the contributing factors. When you are hitting 70, you might have lost 1-1.5 centimeters of your penis length, as explained by Dr. Castellanos, a sex therapist in one of the leading private practices in New York. The situation worsens if you have accumulated belly fat over the years which make the schlong appear smaller than it is.

Cigarette smoking does not make things any better as it causes penis shrinkage. If you are a smoker, you may want to consider cutting back or quitting the habit altogether. Cut back on consumption as well, and feed on the right diet as you start your PE journey.

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