How To Keep Clean During Your Penile Enlargement Program?

Hygiene is imperative when pursuing penile enlargement. Unfortunately, many men who are pursuing male enhancement are only interested in working hard to see gains but forget the importance of keeping the male member as clean as possible. Teaching men how to keep their members clean might sound absurd, yet it is an aspect that mustn’t be taken lightly.

Just like all the other body parts, the penis, testicles, and groin also get dirty. Since these parts are close to the anus, they might have an infection causing bacteria. This article highlights a couple of ways through which men can keep clean during penis enlargement, and beyond.

Trim the pubic hair

If there is something that men tend to neglect most of the time, it is their pubic hair. Shaving the hair exposes the genital area to possible itching and razor burns, and that is why men are advised to trim it instead. The genital area tends to generate more sweat compared to other body parts. Apart from the sweat, hair shaft also gathers sebum and skin cells from the body which create a good breeding atmosphere for bacteria and fungus. Trimming the hair not only takes care of the hygiene aspect of the PE program but also prevents penis devices from mistakenly sticking on them and causing excruciating pain.

Proper washing

Use warm water and soap to remove the dirt and potential bacteria in a gentle manner. Wash your genitals once per day, unless you have had a sexual encounter to get rid of the bodily fluids. Also, always bathe after engaging in physical exercises to get rid of the sweat. Uncircumcised individuals should even be more careful when cleaning the penis area. The area under the foreskin is a favorable environment for the growth of bacteria and accumulation of Smegma. It occurs on the penis head, and under the foreskin. To clean an uncircumcised penis properly, pull back the foreskin gently, clean the exposed area using soap and warm water, rinse and dry the region thoroughly, and then pull back the foreskin to its original position. If you constantly have to deal with inflamed foreskin, avoid bubble bath, scented soaps and invest in loose undergarments.

Other ways for keeping the penis clean include:

  1. Allow your penis to breathe at night by sleeping without underwears. The majority of men might find this quite difficult at the beginning, but again they will realize how beneficial the routine after some time. Allowing your genitals to hang loosely at night gives them the opportunity to get fresh air and also minimize sweating episodes.

  2. Clean your hands each time you visit the restroom. This practice goes along in the prevention of possible transfer of germs and dirt from your hands to the penis, the next time you visit the restroom.

  3. Besides shaking the penis well after urinating to get rid of the remaining drops, use a tissue to wipe it dry

  4. Invest in cotton underwears

  5. After a bowel movement, wipe the anus clean with a tissue or even clean it using water.

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