Why Aren't You Able To Attract Women?

To the whole world, they might say that they enjoy their single-life, and they aren't that interested in being with a girl. However, deep inside they do wish a partner, and they hate their lonely nights. As a matter of fact, almost nobody likes being lonely and single. No wonder, like innumerable guys, you too are here to know the ‘wrongs' that you have been doing all this while.

Anyways the point is, when most of the guys usually try their best to approach women and try their luck with them, they fail. Even after going through all the effective tips and techniques to impress women and fascinate them, they end up with no result. Since this is really frustrating and demoralizing for them, they usually give up. However, they need to know the reasons why they have always been unsuccessful.

They Made You Believe In the ‘Good-Guy' Theory

Thanks to most of those cinemas, daily soaps, and entertainment shows, where usually the shy and quite guy gets a girl in the end, and there is a happy ending. Even more, sometimes miraculously the girl realizes the boy's love while she is on the verge of marrying another guy, and she gets back to him. This is what they have been showing you all.

No wonder, you have always thought about your real life too on the same lines. You expect that final day to come and everything would go in your favor. You might have least expected it, but this way chances are high that you would end up watching the girl go with some other guy, and lead a happy life thereafter.

You Lack The Zeal To Make It Happen

Yes, you know what they would usually like, and expect in a man approaching them. Even you have gradually developed that confidence in you that would make your approach effective. Yet, you don't want to get out of your cozy comfort zone, to play the ‘game'.

C'mon man, you need to stretch your limits, be in the game, meet them, try flirting with them, and gain experience. No matter, how many ways and techniques you know, until and unless you actually try and gain some experience with those, you aren't going to succeed. After-all, it's not the theory that helps, but the practical experience. Be in it, and make it happen.

You Needn't Ever Give-Up

Few “NOs” and rejections are usually expected in this context. As a matter of fact, most guys aren't that lucky to get a girl in the first approach itself. You might face rejection, few or a number of times. However, that need not ever affect you, and your confidence.

Let it be an experience gained, a next chapter. Try finding the mistakes you committed, and avoid those the next time. Most significantly, you needn't give up and continue with your attempts. This way, you would for sure end up with someone whom you like, someday. Patience, and never give up attitude, is all that is needed.

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