How To Measure Your Penis?

In as much as most men are obsessed about the size of their penis, majority of them cannot really tell the exact measurements. Some will say that they are average whereas they are small size and vice versa. It's important to be aware of the size of your penis before branding yourself as small, average, or big.

How to Measure Your Penis-The Basics

In order to get the correct measurements, your penis must be 100% erect. You must use a ruler in order to get accurate measurements. A ruler is the most suitable because it can be pressed down on to the pubic bone and the bone is pressed in the most accurate way to take a measurement. The ruler should be places on top of the penis so that the length recorded is that of the middle penis.

The reason why bone pressed method of taking penis measurement is because there may be different levels of fat deposit above the pubic bone. The fat deposits can interfere with the results and thus, employing the bone pressed method to take the measurement of your penis can give you consistent results.

Measuring the Girth

You will need a tape measure to measure the girth. You should start by measuring the girth at the base of the shaft, measure at the middle of your shaft, and then directly below the head. Take all the three measurements and sum them up. You now have your girth size. It's as simple as that.

Now that you finally know the measurements of your penis and your girth, you might be wondering about one thing. Why is having a full erection so important when measuring the size of your penis?

Well, it's pretty much obvious that measuring the size of your penis when it's erect is the only way to get accurate measurements. This is because the penis is much “straighter and firmer.” For example, if the erection varies in degrees during the measurement, then you will not be able to get consistent results.

Knowing the size of your penis can help you in a number of ways. One, its helps you confirm your assumptions about the size of your penis. It also helps you make a wise decision when considering enlarging your penis. You will be able to know the best method of penis enlargement in advance. Furthermore, it gives you peace of mind and helps you accept your size or work hard towards acquiring a new one.

The only problem with gathering data on the human penis is due to the inaccuracy caused by minor variability in size due to the arousal level, room temperature, time of the day, and the frequency of sexual activity.

It's not worth mourning over your penis size without actually knowing its actual measurements. Also, it's not advisable to jump into conclusions and use the nearest available penis enlargement method without even considering whether you really need it.

It's not good to make the wrong assumptions about your penis size. You do not need to compare yourself with other because all you will see are bigger sizes than yours. You should try and accept who you are, unless you feel the need to have it enlarged. It can also benefit you and your partner in a big way.

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