Is It True What They Say About Guys With Big Feet?

By now, you must already have heard what they say about the size of a man's feet. Yeah, they say that such men wear big shoes and that their hands are equally big. This is perfect because I really can't imagine a guy with big legs and tiny hands. It just doesn't add up. Well, let's go a notch higher- considering that the two statements hold true, what about their penises? Is there some correlation between the penis size and the shoe size of a man? This is one of the subjects that have driven the curiosity of so many women across the globe.

Let's face it. It is not uncommon to hear or see a woman speculate about the penis size of a man upon scoffing at his hands and examining his broad shoulders. The same thing has happened to me, once too often. For instance, a few days ago, I found myself slowly drifting into the wonderland after seeing the largest and thickest hands of a male I have ever seen. Quite frankly, I had never seen anyone with such big hands – both thick and extensive. I just could not get my mind off the gutter. For God's sake! He must have such a huge dick! That was the first thing that flushed through my mind.

This got me thinking, is there some evidence for correlating a man's third leg with the size of his feet or his shoe number? Thanks to the bravery of urologists, we now have answers to some of the most disturbing penis size questions. These specialists have made the tough decision of treading where most of us wouldn't dare try. In separate studies, the urologists have managed to gather some empirical evidence of the presumed link between penis size and size of a guy's feet.

With the help of a measuring tape, two Canadian doctors measured the foot size, height and a slightly stretched penis length of 63 men, in 1993. The penis length was connected to both the foot size and height- although the correlation was very weak. From the research findings, the two researchers concluded that there wasn't a practical utility in attempting to predict the size of a penis using height and shoes size.

Years later in 2002, a research study conducted at the University College of London tried to establish the correlation between a guy's shoe size and his penis length. Unlike the 1993 study, this survey attracted a larger number of men (104 to be precise). Apparently, it was easy to measure the men's feet but the same couldn't be said about penis size measurement. This is mainly because there isn't a perfect way of measuring the penis size. It has been difficult to ascertain whether the penis length and girth should be measured while flaccid or erect. The majority of men would prefer that their penises be measured while erect. However, all erections aren't equal- sometimes they are really large and hard and other times, they are just large and hard. According to the findings of this study, there is no scientific relationship between the size of a man's feet or shoe and his penis length.

So far, we may as well conclude that there is no relationship between the sizes of man's feet and his penis length. Besides, when everything is said and done, the penis size doesn't seem to matter. As they would usually say it, it's not the size of the ship but its motion in the ocean that matters.

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