Vaginal Satisfaction, Stimulation From Penis Length

Bigger and Thicker Penis = More Vaginal Satisfaction for Her

For every woman, whether she agrees or not, penis size matters a lot. Penis size in fact is that one thing that defines how much satisfaction she is about to have. After all, a larger and thicker penis causes more visual and vaginal satisfaction to her. The vagina definitely does not have touch sensitive nerves until first third.

This means that a bigger penis is essential to cause her touch sensations and pressure on walls. Here is where a bigger and thicker penis helps. If the penis is both longer and thicker, it creates just the right amount of pressure on her vaginal walls and gives her the satisfaction she desires.

Furthermore, there are other reasons too for which a woman prefers a bigger and thicker penis to a smaller one. This certainly does not mean that men with smaller penises are not sexually satisfying, but it is all about preference. A bigger penis is more satisfaction for her hands and mouth as well.

Think of it like this, while fondling with a penis, what would any woman prefer - a small and tiny penis or a big and thicker one? The answer is obvious, a bigger and thicker one. Woman who loves oral sex will prefer a bigger penis as well since it is more filling. Also, a bigger penis is a sign of masculinity and definitely every woman will prefer a more masculine and bold sexual partner.

Reasons for which women prefer big penises are:

  • Satisfies her better visually

  • Gives deeper stimulation to the backside of vaginal walls

  • Stimulates the uterus

  • More friction on the vaginal walls

  • Gives an opportunity to try different sex positions

  • While heavy thrusting, the penis doesn't slip out

There is no doubt that bigger is better. However, when we talk about the penis size, bigger is better until a limit. If you ask, most women will prefer a thicker penis rather than a longer one. The reason is simple a longer penis at times creates pain when penetrated.

Well, there is nothing like too long when we talk about the penis size. In fact, it is all about how adapted the vagina is to a particular penis size. Any women's vagina needs to go through a few different stages before it is completely prepared to receive penetration from a lengthy penis. Once, the vagina is prepared a longer penis is as much satisfying as a thicker one is.

This is how it works, when the vagina is in a relaxed mode, say no arousal at all the cervix is at rest nearly three to four inches away from the vaginal opening. Also, since the vagina is in relaxed mode, its walls are collapsed against each other and there is simply no space in between at all. On the other hand, during arousal, vaginal walls secrete a lubricant that causes wetness and because of this the first few inches of the vagina expands. This expansion obviously creates some space for the penis to enter and this is when the vagina is fully prepared for a lengthy penis to penetrate.

This is considered as a sign for men that now it is the right time to penetrate. However, penetrating a woman at this time will actually hit her in cervix and create some sort of pain and discomfort. Actually, this wetness is a sign that the vagina is getting prepared. If at this point a little more time is given to vagina, the cervix retracts and the next two third of the vaginal walls expands. Now, this is the time, when the vagina is completely prepared to handle heavy thrusting and deep penetration, especially from a long penis.

Moreover, if a man knows how to place his penis at the right angle that his penetration doesn't bump the cervix, he can actually give his woman a repetitive uterine orgasm. These repetitive orgasms are caused by the systematic stimulation of penis glans against the epicentre (a region at the back of the vagina also known as E-zone).

For any normal women, a penis seven inch long or longer can reach this point and cause a perfect orgasm. On the other hand, women who have smaller vagina can also reach this sort of orgasm with the penetration of a penis six to seven inch long. Also, at the end what is important in the hardness of erection? The penis needs to point upward than parallel. The more the penis is erect and hard, the more pressure and stimulation it can create against the walls of vagina and hence the woman will have more pleasure.

Besides, most women report that even if they don't get a uterine orgasm, a thicker and longer penis still gives them a satisfying stimulation against the inner vaginal walls and uterus. This means, any penis longer than six inches is enough to penetrate deep. However, we cannot neglect that a small penis can never provide this type of stimulation and penetration. A longer penis causes more vaginal satisfaction since the first two inches of the vaginal walls, which are jam packed with touch sensitive nerves, get longer friction with each stroke.

Long penis doesn't slip out and hence give more satisfaction. This is one more reason, which satisfies a woman better. Also, a man with a lengthy penis can penetrate a woman better and can also try different sexual positions which are totally impossible for a man with shorter penis. For instance, in doggy style sex position a man with a shorter penis will slip out repeatedly and also will he lose a couple of inches because of girl's butt cheeks.

Furthermore, at times when a penis is too long, it causes less stimulation and more of pain. Once it is clear that the woman cannot take a lengthy penis completely in her vagina, she loses the sensation, which is caused by the contact of two bodies. Also, it is worthy to note that it is the pubic bone and the testicles of a man which while thumping stimulate her clitoris and her exterior genitals. This stimulation creates pleasure and helps her reach an orgasm.

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