Why Do Men Want A Bigger Penis?

Why Every Man Desires A Bigger Penis And Why Is It So Important?

When men talk about having a bigger penis, it is not only about sex and pleasure, but several other things are involved. Let's start with the most simple and practical one, the need for being more masculine. Penis has always been considered as a symbol of masculinity. When a man is confused or dissatisfied about his penis size, he is actually dissatisfied about his masculinity. Well, that's a real big issue to deal with.

The feel of having low masculinity leads to other problems as well. First and foremost, you are never satisfied with your own sexual performance. However, in most cases partners are satisfied and nothing is wrong, but men personally are not happy with their own performance. Next, it affects the self-esteem and confidence a lot. Since, it's all in your mind, having a small penis will ruin your confidence and you will gradually lose your ability to enjoy sex.

One more reason for which a man desires a bigger penis is to attract a person sexually. Having a small penis reduces a man's self confidence and he begins to think that he will face nothing but rejection. Well, definitely it is not only about the size and skills that matters more, but when it is about getting naked in front of your woman, the first thing that will turn her on is your size and not skills. So, penis size doesn't affect your sexual performance, but it will have an effect on your confidence of performing well.

Most men are shy and insecure:

This one is very common, as it is observed that when it comes to meeting a woman or ask a girl out, most men are insecure. There are several reasons behind this, but the most common one is they are worried about what will happen next. Now, if we consider a man with a small penis, we can easily imagine his worries of facing rejection or worse being laughed at. This fear is potential enough to stop a man from even trying and dating at all. So, it is clear, having a small penis is very damaging.

The worst is yet to come:

Well, if you are thinking that having a small penis might just affect your dating or sex life then you are totally wrong my friend. The worst part about having a small penis and facing a low self esteem is that it slowly enters into other aspects of your life. Your reduced self confidence is not only going to disgust your sex life, but your social and work life too.

You will simply start avoiding any situation that will lead anyone to seeing your small one. Whether it is about going to a gym and changing in locker room or simply about using a public bathroom. You will be always scared that if anyone gets a look of your little one you will be humiliated.

All this clearly conclude that this is not something that you can take lightly and the desire of every man to have a bigger penis is not just a wild one. If penis size can create this many problems, addressing the issue well is a wise decision.

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