Is Your Measuring Ruining Your Penis Enlargement Progress?

Measure Moderately or It Will Adversely Affect Your Penis Enlargement Process

For guys their penis size is the sign of their masculinity and whether they accept or not, they just love comparing. However, penis size does not make any difference in their sexual performance (to some extent) nor it proves that a man with a smaller one is not a good lover. Well, in spite of all that, penis size matters to both men and women. This obsession about penis size makes men to measure it again and again. However, they do not know that their frequent measuring is harming them.

What is the big fuss about the size?

Penis size does not matter physical health at all. However, if we talk about psychological health then the answer is undoubtedly yes. A man with a small penis will always be worried about rejection and his performance in bed. All these thoughts, harms his mental health a lot and affects almost all the aspects of his life. Let us list a few reasons why size is a big fuss.

  • Porn films and media in general have made our mind set such that we tend to believe that a bigger penis is better for sexual pleasure.

  • A bigger penis is better in penetration sex. In fact, it is believed that it excites women virtually as well.

  • For few women, a bigger penis is more fun than oral sex. There are women, who believe that a smaller penis is more comfortable for oral sex.

  • A man with a bigger penis does not face more rejection. Someone with a bigger package is considered more attractive than somebody having a small penis.

  • Self-confidence is affected the most. Man with small penis has to face rejection at times. Such situation gradually makes him feel that he is good for nothing and this leads to depression as well.

Therefore, in simple words, penis size matters a lot and it matters to every man. This is a clear reason why penis enlargement processes, pills and devices are gaining so much popularity around the globe.

Measuring is harmful:

Measuring is one of the most important parts of enlargement process. It is obvious and natural that a man wants to see his progress. This is exactly like staring at a gift, which is bearing your name and waiting to open it. Also, measuring is important because one wants to know that whether there is any progress or not. Since there are so many duplicate and fake products available in the market today that a man always worries about their side effects. He is also anxious to know whether the product will work or not. The only way in which he can relieve his self is by measuring after the first few sessions.

Very hasty:

For some people, measuring is an integral part of the enlargement process. They cannot wait at all and are eager to measure as soon as they can. It's like after a few sessions, their measuring tape will be always handy. They will keep on measuring every few days and of course want to see some positive results. However, it is important to understand that a noticeable growth can only be seen once the process completes. Also, if there is any increase after the first few sessions, further results can be seen after a while.

Now, if someone is working hard for a few weeks and the results are not noticeable, getting a little disheartened is normal and it is part of the process too. One thing you would like to keep in mind is that no genuine product will guarantee quick results. Penis enlargement is a slow process and it definitely takes time to show positive and considerable results. Well, of course, it is very difficult to abstain from measuring, but the point is that measuring too frequently will create problems.

How does measuring harm?

You must have read in many online reviews and testimonials that penis enlargement does not work. Well, this is only because it is a slow process and people leave it in middle just because they don't see results. You have to understand this that penis enlargement is not something that will happen overnight. It is going to take a big deal of time and efforts. Now, if you keep on measuring again and again it will simply increase your expectations or either disappoints you so much that you will ultimately quit. It is recommended that you measure less and let the process take its own time.

Measuring is not bad, but people do not know how and when to measure. If you are measuring moderately for sure it will not create any problem in fact by looking at positive results, you will get a boost to complete the entire process properly.

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