Confidence Is A Significant Yet Not The Only Key To Attract Women

Two men approach the same woman. Now, as far as their success is concerned, one of the most significant aspects to take into consideration would be their confidence level. However, is that the only aspect to consider?

There is no denying the fact that a man's confidence is the biggest turn-on for any woman. The more confident a man is, the more enhanced are his chances of impressing a woman. However, you needn't be mistaken in thinking of it as the magic bullet, the only thing that you need to impress any woman.

Ok, for a clearer picture, think of any man who is really very confident with women, but is quite boring, and lack a proper conversation skill. Now, what do you think, will his great confidence would compensate for the rest of aspects he lacks-in. Hate to reveal it, but no, it won't? Only confidence isn't enough to attract and impress a girl. You need few more aspects indispensably.

Conversation Skill and Being an Active Listener

Ok, so you are confident enough. Alike most of the times, this time too, you didn't give any second thought to it and just approached her. Great job! Indeed. Yet, what's next? How would you use this ‘just a meeting' to attract her, and to make her willing to be with none but you again?

When you lack a proper conversation skill, you would just talk to them, and would gradually get more and more into topics that were boring to her. She would soon get bored, and would be least interested in meeting you all over again.

Besides, you also need to be a patient and active listener with women. They love being with guys who listen to them, whatever they talk about, with great interest and even question them with ‘why, how, and then?' etc.

Not Being Too Touchy, A Creeper

They simply hate it, when a guy try being too touchy with them. Besides, one who gazes at her lady parts, or try being physical with her, can soon expect the woman to go escape away from him. They don't find themselves comfortable and safe enough with those guys.

Hence, when the next time you are with a lady, try having a control on your hands, eyes, and of course your body language too.

Having a Sense of Humor

The more you make her smile, giggle, and laugh with you, the more are the chances of meeting her again. There are hardly any exceptions, and most of the women, love being with a guy who has a good sense of humor.

It's your key to let them feel comfortable, easy, and happy with you. Every-time you make her laugh, she is attracted even more, and she starts liking your company. However, the only concern that you need to have then is to make it sure that you aren't making fun of someone, especially who is quite close to her. Else, let her laugh with all her heart, forget the rest of her world, and be lost in you.

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