Steroids Can Shrink A Man's Penis

The Harmful Effects of Steroid on Your Penis

Most of them reading this content are mainly worried about their penis size. Some of them must be taking steroids to increase length of their penis. Intake of steroid in sports is completely banned and any athlete found taking steroid could face lifetime ban from any kind of sport. This makes most of us ponder over the reason as to why steroid is banned and does it have any adverse effect on the body.

What is steroid?

Steroids are medically generated substances, which are used for various medical purposes. This substance is commonly used to enhance the growth of the body. It is also used in relieving the body pain and in surgeries.

The most common form of steroid available is known as anabolic steroid. Anabolic steroid helps in enhancing the androgenic effects, which helps in prompt development of body tissues and muscles of a man. Hence, due to this particular reason it has been seen that a number of men have taken to steroids, so that along with the body their penis and its erection will also develop.

Negative effect of steroid on the body

The use of steroid has an adverse effect on the body. Researches and studies have shown that these side effects are extremely harmful for the body and in some cases, can lead to death as well.

The penis is the most likable organ, which is mostly affected by the continuous use of steroid. It has been seen that the damage is so much that it causes impotency in men. The negative effect of the steroid is so immense that erection of the penis is damaged. If in case, the penis is still able to gain erection, it will not be able to fulfill its purpose. It is the steroid, which is paralyzing the ability of the penis.

Studies and researches have shown that the shrinkage in the penis is not caused due to the use of steroid. It is actually caused due to wearing of undergarments, which is too tight. However, the same study states that even though the steroid does not shrink the penis, it does not allow it to grown back to its normal size, no matter what you do. The reason behind is that, as steroid hampers your erection, it hampers the growth of the penis, as without the erection, you will not be able to conduct any penis enlargement exercise. After the damage has been done, nothing you do is going to improve the shape, size or ability of your penis, all your effort will be futile.

It is important to remember, that all things have its advantages as well as disadvantages. When you are taking in steroids, you are building your body temporarily, which is providing you with a mental satisfaction. However, this temporary satisfaction can be very harmful, as this steroid will cause a long time effect on your penis, hampering your self-confidence as well as you sex life and one of us wants that. Hence, think twice before taking in steroid.

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