5 Ancient Penis Enlargement Techniques Used And Why They Worked Or Didn't Work

For some reason or the other, men have always desired to enhance their penis size. During the ancient times, men of different cultures and tribes, used to practice a number of techniques in order to enhance the size of their manhood.

Some of the common ones are mentioned below:

Hanging Weights from the Genital

Though it might sound painful, but the fact is, it did work to increase the length of the genital. Men of the African tribes, Peruvian Cholomecs, and Indian Sadhus used to hang weight from their penis to enhance its length up to 18 inches. However, like you guessed it, this technique was not at all effective in increasing the girth of the tool.

In fact, the weight resulted into damage of the penile tissues. Besides, it led to the slimming down of penis' girth to make it resemble a spaghetti noodle. No wonder, today's doctors strictly advice men not to use penis weights to enlarge its size.

Jelqing or Penis Exercise

Well, it's quite a common practice even today, as the method is indeed effective in enhancing the penis size to a great extent, and that too in a safe and natural way. People believe that jelqing originated in the Middle East, and the Arab men used it on a regular basis to increase their tool size by 20 inches.

The science behind the effectiveness of penis exercise is quite simple. Milking or jelqing causes the penile cells to expand. Then, more and more blood is forced into the spongy penile tissues, resulting in overall enhancements of the penile length and girth.

Letting the Poisonous Snake Bite Their Penis

The idea itself might give you goose-bumps, but the Topinama males of the Brazilian 16th century culture were ready to bear this pain. They used to allow poisonous snakes to bite their penis, so that they can gain tremendous growth in their genital size. They had to bear its pain for around six months. They used to consider it as a sacrifice to please and satisfy their women. A great “sacrifice” indeed, isn't it?

Eating the Penis of a Castrated Slave

There were also those men who took penis enlargement to yet another level. In an attempt to achieve the results, they used to eat the penis of a castrated slave. Desperate men went to such an extent that they did not even spare the scrotum and testicles of the slaves.

Consuming Herbal Aphrodisiac

It's another effective technique that is in practice even today. Men, who desire to increase their penis size, have been consuming Chinese herbal medicines like ginseng and yohimbe. Additionally, they also practice jelqing or other penis enlargement exercise along with it.

Above all, today's penis size-obsessed men are blessed enough to have safe choices of enlargement pills, exercises, etc. Besides, there are even penis enhancement surgeries that can provide fast and effective results.

Even today, you will find people who use penis weights, snake poison, etc to get results. However, these ideas are painful, and needless to mention they can be really dangerous and life threatening.

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