Being More Desirable To Women Isn't That Difficult

Most of the guys believe that seducing a woman is as difficult as ‘understanding' them. Well, it really isn't that difficult, it can't be in-fact.

Anyways, on a clear note, it might seem surprising to you, but even an average guy can very easily attract and seduce women. One needn't be an expert, with some incredible inborn qualities or so. All he needs is a little idea about things that are liked by women in a man, in this context.

She Likes That You and Her Have Some “Rare” Connection

It doesn't matter whether they are superstitious or not, but most women do have some ‘special' beliefs when it comes to their love-life. Like, if a woman is convinced that she shares a ‘special connection' with you, she would be really happy deep inside. She would also be greatly fascinated towards you. No doubt, like any man you too can easily build this attraction to the extent where she would love to get intimate with you.

By ‘special connection' she means anything, like things that are amazingly common to both of your lives. It can also be the choices, interests, likes and dislikes that you both share. Or it can be the way you both think, or your perception towards happenings, people, or anything like that.

A Man Of His Words And Of High Social Value

One with such qualities have always been liked and desired by most women. Now you know the reason why those men in power positions have always been the choice of women.

Women greatly trust a man, who would always stand-by whatever he says and whatever he does. That trust factor, and special attraction towards this ‘masculine' quality can easily attract a woman, and let her be intimate with the guy.

Now, when it's called high social value, it doesn't always mean that a person needs to be a renowned businessman, an actor, etc. Even without being one of those you can well project yourself, as an individual of high social value, to a woman. It's all about the impression you leave behind, and the way you make her think about you.

Confuse Her A Bit and Be More Desirable

The greatest problem with guys, who try too hard to attract women, is that the impression they leave behind makes a woman think that they aren't on her level. However, when the scenario is just opposite, and when you kind of disqualify her with an impression that she is not the one of your type, it works.

On the first hand, for most women, it isn't that easy to handle such rejections. Hence, she would try from her side, to get close to you and be with you. Besides, once you have already given that impression to her, you need to confuse her. How?

Send her mixed messages, flirt with her, and let her know that you still want her. Now for her, you would be more desirable than any other man, who has been giving her attention.

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