Tips To Melt Her Into Your Arms

Are you on a date with your lady love? Do you want to drive her crazy? If the answers to the above questions are yes then you are reading the right article. Read on and find unique ways to melt her into your arms.

How to make your first date romantic

To turn her on, you could create a sensual mood, while on the date. Create a romantic atmosphere, where you could spend quality time with her. You could plan a beautiful candlelight dinner with her. Light some aroma candles and prepare good food for her and do every other thing she loves.

Consider these points before going out on a date with your lady love-

  • You need to smell good
  • You could use a mouth freshener to develop good breath
  • Check out your clothes. They need to be clean and properly pressed. You could carry accessories like watch or sunglasses with you
  • You need to work on your behavior and hygiene
  • Be a nice kisser. Kissing is the best way to turn her on.

Benefits of reading love stories

Before going out on a date, you could watch some romantic movies or read the love stories. Romantic characters will surely inspire you to make the right move.

You could use the similar techniques to make her melt in your arms. Make sure that you do not make the whole conversation sexual. It will frustrate her.

When she is close to you, you could-

  • Whisper some sexy things into her ears to melt her
  • Touch and kiss her hands
  • Develop a deep eye contact with the lady. A good eye contact is sufficient to turn her on.

Now once you are in the bed, do not rush into intercourse. Try to make her feel comfortable with you. You could run your hands near her legs, arms, neck and chest. Kiss her on her hands, face, and neck. You could make her feel special.

Things you need to avoid while you are in bed with her-

  • You need to ensure that your partner is fully excited before biting her neck, shoulders or ear. Otherwise, it could lead to discomfort or pain.
  • Do not concentrate only on the sexual aspect. You could pay attention towards other parts of your lover like her back, stomach, knees, wrist and so on
  • If you are lying on top of your lover, do not drop your weight on her. It will lessen the chances of some good action
  • It is necessary to inform your partner about the intercourse or oral sex beforehand.
  • Never treat your sex, like porn. Converse with your partner, before engaging yourself in such a behavior

You could find the sweet spot of your lady love. It could be anything like her ears, chest, hands, hairs, neck or any other thing. It might be a little difficult for you to find her sweet spot. To make this task easier, you need to learn how to read her.

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