Outdoor Dating – Plan A Memorable Date For Your Lover

Outdoor dating could be fun. There are plenty of things like beautiful sunset scene, rain, nature, the pleasure of sitting near the beach and much more that you could do outdoors. Follow some enticing tricks mentioned in this article to plan a memorable outdoor date for your partner.

Keep the mystery alive

Pick her up from her house or workplace. While you are in the car with your lady love, you could play a soft music according to her taste. A soft music will break the awkward silence between both of you. It is better if you do not tell her the location of the date. You could play a flirtatious game by dropping some hints, but try to keep her curiousness alive.

Best spots for outdoor date

You could plan a date on a beautiful beach, near the sunset point or any other such location. Make sure that you choose a romantic location with minimum disturbances. You could play a soft music in the background to create a loving atmosphere. Order the food of her style. Make her feel special by giving her some beautiful gifts like ring, watch, dress etc.

Later, in the evening you could think of some excuses to touch her hands, arms or knee. Try to build a physical contact, but do not make her feel awkward. If she likes being closer to you, take a step forward.

Plan interesting activities to make your date memorable

You could obviously plan out some interesting activities for your date. Surfing could be a good idea. Latest statistics have revealed that about 90% of the women consider surfing as a fun activity. You could plan this date only if you know how to surf. Take her out to teach the basics of surfing. In this way, you could come close to her.

Instead of staying in the stuffy bars during summer, you could take her in fresh air and sunshine for wine tasting. She will appreciate your idea. The best part is that you will get to share some romantic time with her, which may not be possible in noisy clubs.

Dining in moonlight – an amazing idea

You could plan skydiving with her. It is a heart pounding activity, which will strengthen your bonds. So what are you waiting for? This adventurous and thrilling trip is just a call away from you. You could plan a dinner date. Pack your dinner and a few bottles of wine and dine in the moonlight with your lady love.

Have you ever planned to watch a movie under the stars? You could plan to watch an outdoor movie during warm summer nights. Bring popcorn, bottles of wine and few blankets with you. It is an inexpensive and romantic idea loved by many women. You will save the money that you might be spending on mega blockbuster films at the Multiplex Theater. There are many other outdoor dating ideas. You can browse through the internet to know more about them.

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